February 25th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Ambitions for the day

Ambitious is the right word. On the other hand, if I get the whole list done, I can devote Friday to house-cleaning, and create happy spaces.
  • Laundry

    I've sorted all the dirty clothes, and started two loads through the machines, so far. I'm alternating the "sorting and folding and putting away clean laundry" with the rest of the tasks on my lists, to alternately stretch my legs and rest my feet.

  • Paper

    Done. (I keep hearing that Nextel beep when I say "done" these days. Perhaps I listen to too much commercial radio.)

  • Quicken

    Flar went through the bills with me last night before I was done updating the books. He's leaving town tomorrow for Brazil, and has made up a financial plan for the next three weeks, including projected income and what bills will be paid. I've got a smallish pile of bills to poke into Quicken, then I'll generate the checks that need to be mailed out this week. I'll be writing an equity line check tomorrow, after today's loan payment clears. But, the exciting news is that this time the money is going toward starting to pay off the high-interest debt we've been accumulating, rather than bridging current living expenses. By comparison, the equity line is only 5%.

  • Kitchen Table

    Once I've finished with the bills, I should be able to clear off the rest of the table easily enough. I've got neatly sorted piles already.

  • Dishes

    Just two days' worth, it shold only take about 15 minutes when I get to it.

  • Coupons

    I haven't been paying much attention to coupons lately; we've been buying minimal groceries, and coupons encourage me to buy more junk food. However, I want to get them clipped and sorted this week, so I can share them with Sydb on the weekend.

  • Mail

    I'm caught up through yesterday's delivery; whee!

  • Rookettes

    This is the week that we decided to collect for Bowl for the Cure, so I need to add in reminders about that to the normal ercords keeping.

  • Chess Club

    No chess club this week, but I need to start working on the State Tournament. It's March 13, and there's no chess club on the 12th, so next week is the only club meeting before the tournament. I want to take a look at the deadlines and get my calling list in order.

  • Call L

    One of Critter's friends has parents in the first stages of divorce. I think they're still just legally separated, but they're still working out the finer points of negotiating custody arrangements. To further complicate matters, his mom has accepted a department head position in Denton, TX, and is moving at the beginning of the summer. She called me yesterday to get what information she could about the summer, so that she can work toward having him in Kentucky when Critter will be in Kentucky, and in Texas when Critter and Tigger are at my parents' in San Antonio. I told her I'd call her back today after I found out more about scheduling from my mom.

  • Car-line

    I plan to leave the house at 2:30pm for car-line, and not only did I get started working right away this morning, but I'm not sleepy. Yay! So I should be able to get a bunch of my list done today.

  • Work

Now, back to the paperwork.
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