February 4th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Wednesday already?

Time is falling down on the job.

Okay, so I lost a great heaping hunk of it to headache napping. And look! Still got the headache! Sigh.

I wrote about getting Flar's birthday present for him on Sunday, but I don't think I wrote what it was: a new fireplace grate and set of tools. We had fun "blind-folding" him, and carrying in the pieces one at a time. I got everyone to help get it out of the car. :) Critter carried the grate, Tigger carried the tools- holder, and Knight and Ro and I carried in the tools.

We had a very nice fire, which we didn't light until after dinner.

Monday I got caught up on the paper, coupons, dishes, and the kitchen table. Flar helped out on the grocery list.

Yesterday, I check on our checkbook balance before going out to shop, and left a note for Flar asking whether I'd need to deposit an equity line check. Instead, he gave me a draw check for twice as much. Yay, client money!

I bowled well in the first two games, then only 116 for the third. We split points with the other team.

I shopped at Sam's and Home Depot and Kroger. I got my allergy shot and picked up/dropped off Flar's dress shirts. We had leftovers for dinner because Flar was going from meeting to meeting and ate out. I vetoed Tigger's Valentine idea (reese's cups in dixie cups, squished and secured with rubber bands, no decoration), and worked out a new idea: reese's, wrapped in purple saran wrap, making a standard saran flower, with a heart shaped tag.

I also found out that the pizza meet is going to be paid for by the inviting team, so FREE PIZZA on the 20th for chess club. Woot! I wrote an email to the Quads organizers and got back a reply today, okaying my time schedule for getting a roster to them. And I did 2/3rds of the calling for the next tournament.

I also talked to Cinder's mom about plans to meet before we go to the airport, etc. She made me realize I've done absolutely no planning about packing for the trip. So I decided on a book series to read, and emailed Demariana about the possibility of borrowing one that I'm missing. Well, we have to plan the important stuff first, right?

I tried on the dress mom sent me. It's a size too big, which will only be awkward in the sleeves. Since the plan is for Surlyone to fit it to me by tying rope around the bodice, I don't think it will be a problem.

But, my feet show. I'm hoping I'll still be able to get away with wearing my purple boots with it...

Then I drew a bubble bath. Not hot enough. Sigh. I need to draw the bath with totally hot water an hour before I bathe, then top it off before I step in, after the water heater has recovered. Maybe I'll try that next week.

Now to attempt laundry, bowling records, updating quicken, and then chess club paperwork. I have to print out resources for Bride to use, since she'll be handling any last minute changes from the kids while I'm in CA.

Flar fixed me breakfast this morning, but it didn't take my headache away. And I've already taken one dose of excedrin this week. Oy.

Must get out of comfortable recliner.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

cold and wet

Either I'm that ditzy (and I shall blame the headache) that I didn't turn on the dryer, or the dryer is not functioning correctly. Sigh. Not a stellar day for laundry.

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Was supposed to fix lunch this morning, to have marinated veggie sandwiches. Chopped veggies at lunch for a yummy treat tomorrow. Had another chicken sandwich for lunch today.

My official weigh-in this morning shows me at 3 pounds down since we started the diet. 212, if you're nosy. As I was down to 210 on Monday, I am now resolved to weigh ONLY on Wednesday mornings. I don't need that kind of false excitement. I understand about day to day weight fluctuation.

I'm currently dressed in pjs. Not at all appropriate for filling the car on the way to picking up the boys. Was going to dress using clothes that are still in the dryer. Ah well.

Working on bowling now, then quicken, then chess. Talked to Flar about his obligations for the tournament (not in charge, please help out wherever needed) over lunch.

Flar's finished with the paper, so I can take it to work tonight without being selfish. Haven't done dishes yet. I don't think anyone brought in yesterday's mail, so I'm lumping that into tomorrow's mail.

Excedrin is beginning to beat back the headache. Been on low caffeine lately, and it's interesting how taking excedrin almost gives me a buzz. Weird.

Feeling weird today. Off step. From napping. Not getting enough down with my time at home, but feeling like there's not that much pressing.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

small improvements

The dryer is in fact working. Yay!

Bowling records done, and ready for passing along to Prez for a week of bookkeeping without me.

Finally got around to hotsyncing my PDA.

Didn't get to the quicken records, but remembered I need to print out the calling sheet for chess for calling from work tonight.

Headache is no longer annoying, but still evident.
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