January 22nd, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Busy Day

I've downloaded email, but I haven't had time to read LJ yet today, except for Wolf's and Sydb's journals. I expect to participate in much happy anticipation while I'm visiting this weekend. :)

This diet thing involves a lot of food prep. Today's lunch was an open-faced turkey sandwich piled impossibly high with a mix of vegetables marinated (all morning) in lo-cal italian dressing. After yesterday's experience, I shouldn't be surprised that I ended up liking the taste combination of the various vegetables (even the cauliflower and black olives). But the sheer chopping involved, added to the min. 4 hour marination time, means this will not be a casual choice for lunch. Hmm. On the other hand, I might just want to keep the marinade handy in the fridge once a week for a few lunches...

There are so many fruits and vegetables on this diet, I'm getting an almost uncomfortably full feeling from eating the specified menus. And not getting hungry in between meals. Weird. I'm using to dieting meaning being hungry.

Oh, and I've discovered how to get Critter to eat fruit: buy it. He loves fruit, and is very pleased to have an increased selection in the fridge. Go figure.

Tonight for dinner: meat and potatoes. No, really. ;)

Getting stuff done around the edges. Beside bowling today, I've opened the mail and washed the dishes and read half the paper and replaced the passenger low-beam on my car and bought envelopes and filled up my car and deposited a draw check from Flar & my paycheck and gotten cash for the weekend and paid a mortgage payment and eaten lunch and updated quicken and identified three other bills to mail and printed a checkbook register for Flar and now it's time to go to carline!


I'm feeling a little hyper on all this phyto-energy.
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