January 21st, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

That's it for this Wednesday

So far, I've Caught Up:
  • Mail
  • Dishes
  • Paper
  • Kitchen Table
  • Quicken

Today is Laundry Day, and I've started five loads through the machine so far, with two more anticipated. I've stripped the bed and still need to make it. I've sorted and hung up two loads of clothes, leaving one clean load waiting to sort. I'm planning to start the sixth load after I change for work, and start the seventh load after I get back from car-line, before I leave for work.

Today is also Day One of the New Dieter's Cookbook diet, with Flar.

Breakfast: bran flakes with blueberries & skim milk.
Lunch: Salmon & Pasta Stuffed Tomatoes with a peach and 3 1/2 triscuits (the menu called for 75 cal. of wheat crackers).
Dinner: Burrito and spanish rice with tossed salad and skim milk.
Snack: 1/4 canteloupe and skim milk.

As I often find with I try new recipes, weird (icky) flavors actually taste good when combined. Today's surprise was salmon & pasta stuffed tomatoes, for lunch, which included the following flavors that I don't like: salmon, cucumer & dill. Food is so weird.

I've stuck to the diet so far, and don't feel hungry. We'll see how I manage dinner. I'm planning on fixing it after I bring the boys home from school, giving them the option of eating early, and then putting it up for Flar to eat after an evening meeting, and for me to eat at work. I've also got the canteloupe cut up, to take to work. Flar is planning to eat his canteloupe before his meeting.

For the record, I weighed in at 215 pounds this morning. Flar thinks I'll lose 10 pounds in two weeks. I think I'll lose 3-5. If that. I'm not planning on dieting over the weekend while I'm with Wolf and Sydb.

And now it's time to scoot. Still have to change clothes, make the bed, move the laundry, and buy a new headlight for my car on the way to school. (I'm hoping they'll install it for me.)
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