January 20th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

And, this just in...

I got permission to read lj for 1 hour before going to bed tonight. Missed my deadline by 7 minutes, and it took me all the way to skip=275, but I'm actually caught up on LJ.

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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Wow, I'm special

I got spam, fresh from Ron Popeil. If anyone in the world is entitled to send spam, it outta be the man who brought us "it slices, it dices!"


Today, I had a touch of Marvin. You know, the robot in Hitchhiker's Guide?

I'm going through a Deb-is-a-horrible-person-who-is-the-most-selfish-individual-in-the-world phase, which tends to mostly present itself by when I notice feeling put upon about doing grocery shopping, etc. (I tend to feel the whole weight of the world of me, the only person who ever does anything, and what has anyone done for me lately? Kind of nonsense. Yes, I recognize it as nonsense. No, at 12 today, I was miserable and could not simply dismiss the feeling. I HATE emotions.)

Saturday, I had a longish-day of chess tournament. Flar pampered me ALL WEEKEND. He made dinner for the boys Saturday night, and then he brought me breakfast AND lunch in bed on Sunday, and made dinner, too. I spent all day Sunday finishing Kushiel's Avatar.

Yesterday was a holiday, so I got to sleep in and took it easy much of the day.

I worked last night, and put together the grocery list for today. I spent an hour figuring out all the ingredients for a week on this diet, and still had to finish it up this morning. I'm trying not to be overwhelmed by the amount of fresh cooking involved in the diet. And the produce as almost half of the total shopping trip this afternoon. The boys carried the groceries in, and Flar helped Tigger find places for all of it, while I sat down to read email/LJ.

I'm caught up around the house, and online (except for the comics).

But I got swallowed by the Marvin cloud today.

I'm not letting it get to me. I actually side-stepped "how are you feeling" to ask Wolf about his day. And got a nifty recounting about his phone interview today. I think that was a good call.

So, feeling dirty rotten selfish today. But mostly being grown up about it. I don't think I've even yelled at anyone.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow


Mood is, as predicted, improving. Still might need to wear my "Whatever" hat part of the week.

I believe this comment is worthy of place in my journal proper, as an update to the day:

No diodes. But I have been sneezing lots today, and when I was shopping, I could barely lift one flat of water. (28 x 24oz.) I thought maybe my mood had to do with staying up late last night, so I tried to lay down for a nap, but I was too agitated to sleep. I decided maybe I needed to do something Just For Me™, but then all I did was read the paper and LJ. I couldn't solve the riddle for the Jumble®, but I did solve the crossword, even though I thought it was too hard.

Oddly, I felt more jovial after spending an hour and 15 minutes buying Healthy Food (ick poo), even though I still self-identified as put-upon.

Now I'm sleepy enough that I know better than to lay on the bed while I wait to draw the bath, and I'm put out at myself for not cleaning up the bubble-poo from last week, when I got out before the bubbles went away.

I go now, to clean the tub, fill the tub, rid myself of hair deemed unneccessary, brush my teeth (that should wake me long enough for bathtime), read my riveting murder mystery (no really, Da Vinci really jumps right into the thick of it, right away) and

talk to Wolf.


Timeline was a perfectly fun romp by someone who read the book, thought "what a neat idea for a twenty hour mini-series!" and then proceeded to rip it apart and make a movie set in a very similar township. Bill Connolly does a great John Cleese impression.

Trebuchets make pretty fire.


Signed the boys out of extended day on the First Line of each sheet. Not bad for the 20th of the month.

Bath now. Really this time.
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