January 19th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Catching up:

I'm caught up on mail and quicken, but I still have today's paper and the dishes. I've got coupons clipped to sort at work, and I have two basket of my own clothes to put away. The table looks fine.

But then, it's a holiday, and I got to sleep in.

Yesterday I was swallowed up by a Very Good Book: Kushiel's Avatar, so I didn't catch up on reading LJ. I've read Wolf's and Sydb's, but that's it.

No holiday for me tonight, but at least I don't have to drive carline.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

I'm outta here.

Lasagne with meatballs (in the top layer of sauce) for dinner, and all the dishes are clean.

Which leaves me caught up on:
  • Mail
    And no new mail this afternoon, woot!
  • Dishes
    It looked like a huge amount, but it only took 20 minutes to clean them all.
  • Paper
    Bringing today's to work.
  • Laundry
    I still need to put away my own clothes.
  • Coupons
    I've got coupons ready to sort tonight at work.
  • Tables
  • Quicken
    And a good thing, too. We need to deposit a check from the equity account first thing in the morning.
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