January 17th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

A glimpse of life before computers

We left the house at 8:09am, according to the clock in my car.

We got home at 9:50pm, or thereabouts.

The computer program that they use to run the tournament wouldn't do tie-breaks, so they had to do them all by hand.

The tournament itself was pretty enjoyable. We had quiet space in a side-hall, with plenty of tables and chairs, for skittles. The first round was almost an hour late, but the subsequent rounds seemed to follow at a reasonable pace. They printed coach's pairing sheets, and had them easily accessible at the computer desk. We had five adults with our team throughout the day, including two parents who stayed in skittles all day. We also had a number of parents that checked in with us often during the day. Bride and MrCoach worked out getting the pairings pretty painlessly, and I got to ride herd on the 15 kids that we had at the tournament. (With lots of help from other parents.)

So, based on that, I'd rate the tournament experience highly.

The problem came with the end of day parts. When the computer didn't compute tie-breaks, they had to compute them by hand. Ugh.

On to the numbers:

We only had 3 primary players today, but they took 5th place. Since the team score is based on top four players' scores, this was a particularly good achievement. :) We had one player on the team who scored 3.5/5 in the last two tournaments and didn't get trophies. Today, he scored a 4.0 and won 4th place Overall.

We had 6 elementary players, and half of them won individual trophies: 2nd place Under 700, 8th place Overall and 3rd place Overall. The team won 3rd Place.

We had 6 middle school players. None of them won individual trophies, but three of them scored 3.0, so they were able to take 5th place for the team.

And then we get to the end-game of the day. The Middle School was finishing playing by 6:30pm. We kept hearing "almost ready" about the pairings, and just went into extended-patient-waiting mode.

Yesterday, when we made plans for three of Critter's friends to come over after the tournament, it actually seemed reasonable. Today, I managed to make a playdate for Tigger. When S' mom came to pick him up, we arranged for S to go home with us, and that she would drop by around 8 at our house to pick him up.

Oh, and did I mention that the tournament is held in the basement of a highschool, with No Signal for cell phones?

I wish I could get Flar to write up his end of it. He was just about to get into the shower when S' mom and sister showed up at our house, yoohooing for S. :) Fortunately still in his robe, not out of it. Then, after his shower, when he was all lathered up for shaving, the doorbell started ringing away. P's mom had decided to just bring him by, since they were already out.

When I was thanking Flar for taking over cooking dinner, he asked me to wash his robe tomorrow, to get off the shaving cream residue. ;)

At some point while we were cleaning up the skittles area and waiting and waiting and waiting, Bride asked for a ride home. So when we left, I had Bride, Critter and T and Tigger and S in the car.

By the time we were on the way home, S' mom had come back in the house, and we got to talk on the phone. She would not hear of me being inconvenienced by having S spend the night or anything else, so he has to wait for a different playdate. :( We arranged to meet in a shopping center near where Bride lives. So we dropped off Bride, and then waited in the Papa John's. At that point, it was 8:50pm. No, I didn't bring four kids into a pizza place without buying pizza. Chicken strips, cheese sticks & a small sausage pizza. I sent the chicken strips home with S, and we took the pizza and cheese sticks home for appetizers before dinner.

At home, Flar was on his phone call with Gaucha, and P was waiting a Spongebob DVD. He reported that the dogs had been caged for at least an hour, so they were dry enough for couch time. I sent the boys upstairs to play, started dinner and got online. Flar took over when came downstairs, sending me into the family room to veg for the rest of the night.

They're alternating between Weird Al music videos and Spongebob episodes, now. Before dinner, they watched Tigger play Toontown, to pay for using his computer to play Invisible Wars later. I think Risk and GameCube are also on tap.

I'm going to download email and read LJ now, and maybe peruse the paper...
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