January 14th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

winter progresses onward

It's cold today. 19°F, last I checked, although I'm hoping it's warm up since then.

Monday night, in a shocking turn of events, Critter volunteered to make dinner. Details says I should have taped Critter cutting up the onion - wearing swimming goggles against the fumes. ;) It turns out that my chowder recipe was so yummy that Critter wanted to learn how to make it. I agreed, on the strict condition that he save a serving for me. The only bit I got out of the first batch was what I pulled out before the rest of the family got to it - it produced no leftovers.

Critter made a yummy edition of the chowder, proving that the recipe works. :)

For our anniversary, I gave Wolf a teapot that nests in a teacup, for him to take to work. I liked it enough to get one for me, and I'm planning to leave it there Monday - Thursday, and keep it home on weekends. I like having tea during breaks at work.

Monday I managed to vacuum the jacuzzi room, but not mop, so I mopped yesterday morning, before going bowling. Knight is now well enough to sit in the chairs at the bowling alley and watch us bowl, so I picked him up on my way. We were bowling vacant yesterday, and won all three games, for four points. Woot!

We shopped at Sam's, went to the Allergist, and then shopped at Joseph-Beth for a diet book that was reviewed in Sunday's Herald-Leader. It caught Flar's attention, because it had a specific menu to follow for seven days. They didn't have a copy however, so instead I've found four diet books I already own, from which Flar can select one. Each has at least 7 days of menus to follow, which turns out to be the main thing that attracted Flar to the idea.

I dropped off Knight and went home for lunch, then went to car-line. I figured out that all of the groceries could wait one more day, and went home and napped rather than do more shopping.

We had baked chicken, noodles and rice for dinner last night, and watched X2 on the satellite. I sent out some chess related email, then had a nice bubble bath/ phone call with Wolf.

This morning I've got two loads started, and am about to eat breakfast before going grocery shopping. I'm hoping to be able to shift the second load to the dryer before leaving.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Catch-Up Wednesday

I've done half the laundry. About to move the third load into the dryer and start the fifth load, which will be the last for this week. Haven't sorted any of the clean clothes yet, though.

I picked up groceries, and put away the cold stuff.

Then I sat down to lunch and started catching up in LJ. I've read to the last place I started reading, which means whichever bits I didn't read when I tried catching up last Saturday are now lost in the mists of time.

Got some email to read and respond-to, and I ought to be leaving for carline, any minute now.
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