January 9th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Today's List

  • Bitch about going to school on a snow day
  • Fix a hot breakfast
  • Catch Up
  • Finish up Chess Club paperwork
  • Make guest room ready for anniversary weekend
  • Run out and get something I tracked down by phone yesterday
  • Re-Wash the dog bedding
    Throw out the blanket if it won't get clean
  • Vacuum the bedroom, bathroom, jacuzzi room and kitchen
  • I think here is where I get to take a break to catch up on email and LJ
    by then, I'll know how much time I can reasonably take reading
  • Mop the jacuzzi room
  • Chess Club
  • Drive to Louisville to get Wolf for anniversary weekend
  • Hang with Sydb until Roo's bedtime - possibly help with pre-Stamp Camp cleaning
  • Drive Wolf to Nicholasville for anniversary weekend
  • Spend 2 Days, 1 Day with Wolf
  • Drive Wolf and Ro to Louisville early for Stamp Camp

Did I mention I get to see Wolf and Sydb and Roo tonight? Did I mention I get Wolf all weekend? Whee!

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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Snow Day

The radio reports 2 inches on the ground in Lexington, and it looks like more than that on our driveway.

Fayette County Schools are closed. TLS is in Fayette County (but not of it, as the bible would say).

Jessamine County School are closed. We live in Jessamine County.

Sayre and Lexington Catholic are on a 1-hour delay.

Lexington Christian Academy is closed.

Those are the "other" private schools in Lexington.

There is no mention of TLS in the school closings lists.

Last year, on a snow day, the school replaced the normal switchboard recording with a message about whether the school would be open, have a delay, or be closed. This year, the message on the switchboard is the normal one for closed-hours operation.

At least Matt drives the boys in the morning.

Sometimes it sucks to have kids in private school.

I'm trying to convince my balance that on balance, it's good that we're still having chess club today.

But my heart isn't in it.

I don't go out and whoop it up in the snow, make snow angels, sled or even stomp around in it. But I still fall down on the side of the kids' simple joy in snow days, and I feel like mine get ripped.

I wanna sit around a fire, playing hooky from the day.

Instead, I'm about to make a hot breakfast for the boys, catch up, and continue today's list.

Whine Update: there isn't even a paper yet. :(
bundled up, walkabout, snow


  • Hot breakfast fixed and eaten - spam sandwich for Tigger, ham omelettes for Critter and me
  • Dishes clean
  • Quicken updated
  • Mail ready to go out, including 7 bills
  • Bills paperwork replaced in "sorting" case, with a bunch of medical bills and EOBs in a big side pocket, ready to sort.
  • Kitchen Table clean
  • Dog bedding in wash - rugs folded
  • Sidewalk to garage shoveled and salted

    Critter used to wear my snow boots; now I can wear his

  • Checked email when I sat down to work on Chess Club

A pretty good start. Don't know if I'll have time for mopping, or how many rooms I'll end up vacuuming, though. Looks like LJ reading will have to wait until tomorrow, during the time I promised Wolf that he can play Warcraft or Starcraft with the boys. Yes, Wolf is closer in age to Critter than me. Sometimes I'm vividly reminded of that. ;)
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I've finished with Chess Club until it's time to leave the house.

Flar is havng lunch with his dad less than a half-mile from my errand, so he is picking it up for me. Which means that after I eat lunch, I have until 2:45 for cleaning.

Going to start with vacuuming the bedroom (updated priority from Flar), then check out what the Lincoln room and my room upstairs, and then finish up with as much vacuuming downstairs as I have time.

I probably won't get back to email until I get back from chess club. I'll give it a quick check, then hop in the car to go get Wolf.
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A Good Retail Experience

The Manager on Duty at the Mill Pond Pizza Hut tonight deserves this positive comment.

While we enroute home, Critter offered to buy pizza for dinner tonight. We called home to check with Flar, who gave us the number for Mill Pond. Critter called and ordered, and was given a 45 minute estimate for the pizza to be ready to pickup.

I called back, to question why it takes 45 minutes to make pizza for carryout, when Domino's and Papa John's deliver in 45 minutes. The MOD took the call, and was very polite. He explained that they get a large back-log of orders at dinner time, and try to give accurate time estimates, rather than disappoint. He also said he would try to have our pizza ready sooner.

It was ready 15 minutes after we had this conversation.

Critter thanked him for the speed, when he paid. I was waiting in the car, operating the windshield wipers for Tigger to use for snowball target practice.

I stopped long enough to open mail and update Quicken. I haven't finished the paper, since it came so late in the day, but Flar will leave it on the table for me. Before I left for chess club, I only had enough time to vacuum the bedroom and closet, but it looks great. So does the freezer room, where we store the vaccuum -- I cleaned up a sort of mini-mess that had developed there.

Chess Club went great today. So far, about half the kids are choosing Team, and half are staying in Club. Bride and I are going to run Club, and MrCoach and Essgie are going to run Team, the new instructional arm of the Chess Club. There's a mom who comes every week that has volunteered to get the kids started with snack at 3:15, which relieves pressure on me (I have trouble getting to the club ontime. Today I got there at 3:36).

Now I'm off to Louisiville, with folding chairs in hand, so we can't forget them on Sunday. I'm eating egg salad sandwich chips and carsnacks on the way. Raisins are technically a fruit, too. ;)
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