December 30th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Salt Day

Yesterday was salt day. :)

In the morning, the focus was on getting to Wal-Mart in time for our portrait session at 11:30am. I read handily took care of routine stuff to stay Caught Up before tackling the infrequent job of making up my face. Without makeup, I tend to overexpose the film with glare from my pale face, and my eyes and lips disappear without eyeliner and lipstick to define them. Collapse )

After picture-taking, we ate lunch at Golden Corral. Yummy food, but the reason for the subject heading. By the time I went off to work, I was terribly thirsty. For dinner, I had Ro's yummy dumplings, which are also kind of salty.

Work is currently providing more than enough for me to do. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm working tomorrow night, but planning to leave early enough to get home before midnight.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Errand Day

Today was busy. 10920 steps, and that's before I walk around the kitchen preparing dinner.

This morning I ran through the checklist pretty quickly, leaving the paper and coupon sorting for the bowling alley, and quicken for the evening. I also finalized the grocery shopping list.

I was bowling for my team today. Knight is still out because of his back, and Grace is in Mississippi this week, visiting family. I only won one game, but I bowled over my average (141) for the series: 130, 153, 147. I won the second game.

We skipped Sam's this week. The only thing on the list was spaghetti noodles, but I had lots of coupons for that, and Sam's doesn't take coupons, so I added it to the Kroger list. We went by work and picked up a check for Flar, then the allergist, then to Kroger. I swapped cars with Flar so that the boys could unload the groceries while we went back out. Mom treated Flar to a tank of gas, and we got my new license plate. Collapse )

Back home, I got a snack and sat down to read email/LJ and enter info into Quicken. Critter brought me another recipe from Deus Ex for dinner tonight (we bought steaks from the "buy today" selection of meat); I've cleared the bath tub area early so that Daddy could take a bubble bath (I'm taking one later tonight); and I got to look at Critter's new tracklights. Pictures to follow later. I also went ahead and brought in today's mail.

Now I'm off to update Quicken, then fix dinner: blackened (and plain) ribeyes, mac-n-cheese, baked potatoes and teriyaki veggies.

Tonight we shall eat at our pretty holiday table in the dining room, and break open the Christmas crackers.
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