December 28th, 2003

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Catching Up

On my Caught Up List:
  • Read paper with breakfast
    Sydb asked me why the papers are on my Caught Up List. I think they got put there because they were piling up when I was two to seven days behind reading them, and I decided to stay caught up to keep the sheer mass of paper down in cleaning the kitchen table.
  • Open mail
  • Answer Christmas Cards and write Thank You notes
    This is a seasonal item on this list -- I found a cache of un-answered cards from last year, and I don't want to repeat that this year.
  • Post receipts and bills
    I printed a report for Flar to tell me which bills to pay, when. Right now, we need more money before the first, to pay the automatic payments.
  • Kitchen Table
    I've got a pile of mail and two presents that need to be delivered, that are sitting on the table, and the rest of my stuff is cleared off of it. Mind you, there's still a gingerbread house taking up the middle of the table, and Critter and Timothy have stuff to put away...
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
    I have clean clothes to fold and put away
  • Coupons
    There were two circulars in today's paper to clip and sort

Other stuff I'd like to catch up on:

  • Post to 50BookChallenge
  • Write about Christmas shopping, Christmas Day and Presents
  • Add icons to my Caught Up icon for Kitchen Table and Bills
  • Catch up on medical bills, which probably won't get a separate item on the Caught Up List, since they're technically bills
  • Start catching up on files
  • Work through the "things to do" basket that's been building up.

I'm feeling generally more relaxed about time, which is a good thing. And more productive, with a default list of things to do each morning, and default structure for the week. It helps to get going, when I have a list to get me started. Especially when the list doesn't start with some really big impossible task.
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Caught Up

All Caught Up

  • Mail
    I've mailed the Christmas cards and Thank You notes I wrote this morning.
  • Dishes
  • Paper
  • Laundry
    I got Critter to finish sorting the whites, so I'll bring my basket to my room on the way to bed; it's closer to being put away.
  • Coupons
    I got this done while on the way over to Ro and Knight's tonight. The upside of being a passenger instead of a driver.
  • Tables
    Right now this means the kitchen table and the dining room table. The latter is all pretty: laid out for a family meal, perhaps tomorrow's lunch. The former is clean, with the gingerbread house still occupying the center.
  • Quicken
    I entered a couple of receipts and a deposit, and verified that all the checks have been entered. Then printed our current balance and the next month's worth of automatic payments and checks to print for Flar to review

On the fun side, I got to see Ro and Knight tonight. We went over for a visit and gift exchange, and then played a couple of rounds of Cadoo, the game that they gave Tigger. I got eight place settings of leopard print stoneware. Pretty nifty! We'll have to rearrange the china cabinet for everything to fit. Flar got the Indiana Jones DVD set. Tigger got Cadoo, and Critter got Constructionary, a version of Pictionary played with Lego bricks. Mom and Dad got a DVD of Pirates of the Carribbean. I had previously given Knight and Ro their presents: a mint set of 2003 quarters for Knight, and Nanofictionary & a SciFi Movie Trivia game for Ro. Tigger also had made gifts for Knight and Ro that he gave them tonight: ornaments, a quill pen, and door hangers.

Before we drove home, we delivered Ro's present for Demariana, LaDonna, Jeshua and Phaeton.

Flar fixed dinner tonight: spaghetti and meatballs with cheese-filled breadsticks for appetizers and garlic bread on the side. We watched a portion of Matrix and called an intermission when the player started dying again. We got as far as re-entering the matrix, but not as far as meeting with the Oracle.

We're all going to bed early to get our beauty sleep. Tomorrow at 11:30am, we're going to get family portraits made. But before I shut down, I decided to update my Caught Up icon to reflect my recently conquered areas. I've decided that Quicken is a more comprehensive term for bills, since it covers posting bills, posting receipts, and printing reports and checks.

Nini all.

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