December 5th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

List for tomorrow

  • Wake up Too Early
  • Fix breakfast for the boys
  • Take the boys to school
  • In Fantasy world: take a 6 hours nap
  • (In Real world:)
  • Call Flar regarding mail
  • Sort/Hang/Fold/Putaway laundry
  • Print out notation sheets and tournament rosters for chess
  • Pack for tournament/overnight
  • Pack cider spices and cheesecloth for party
  • Find Christmas CDs
  • Write check for carpenter
  • Finish posting bills
  • Review basket Flar left
  • Project checking balance and pay some bills
  • Look for pictures for LaDonna
  • Call remaining chess parents re Christmas gift
  • Arrange dining table for crafts
  • Answer Christmas card that came in the mail Wednesday, and hang card
  • Catch up on LJ
  • Leave house at 2 to get to school before chess club
  • 3:30 - 5pm Chess Club
  • Take Critter by CompUSA to pick up a cable and a hub that he's purchased
  • Drive to Louisville and collapse in a gibbering heap
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

busy day

I made a deal with myself. No nap, but I get to read email and LJ if I get that far in my list. So far, I've:
  • Called Flar and left voice mail for him
  • Dropped off the boys at school
  • Found the Christmas CDs (out of order, so I have music for working
  • Sorted, hung, folded and put away laundry
bundled up, walkabout, snow

micro progress

  • Designed and printed notation sheet for copying at school
  • printed out score sheet for tournament
  • organized chess bag
  • packed tournament basket and lunch for tournament
  • ate lunch
  • packed overnite bag
  • put Christmas CDs in a bag for travel
  • packed cider spices, cheesecloth and dental floss
  • loaded car

Now I'm moving to the dining room to see what's up in there. Time is getting short, so I've moderated my goal of "finishing" the bills to: updating the checkbook balance and paying urgent bills.
bundled up, walkabout, snow


I got the bare essentials of finances done for today, and the important bits of my list, so I got to sit down and read email and LJ, and get to post an update.

The rest of the items I finished:
  • Emptied out the basket Flar left for me
  • Found my power of attorney for a letter I need to send; still waiting on Flar to tell me what to put in the letter
  • wrote the check for the carpenter - it's on a clip on the fridge
  • Stamped a letter to mail
  • Readied a Christmas card to write on the run
  • Wrote a check for Critter's yearbook to drop at school today

Then I caught up on email and LJ and took this quiz:

Which flavor of Ben n' Jerry's ice cream are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I wasn't impressed by my answer on the Christmas Carol Quiz. I take Christmas seriously, but I don't behave the way they say that implies. I still do all the silly stuff, and I own a light-up reindeer headpiece.

I didn't get to post about yesterday, which was quite busy.
  • Bowled
  • Acquired a new passenger for Thursday bowling transportation
  • Ate lunch
  • Read the paper
  • Picked up the boys
  • Went to an informational meeting about the proposal for a Freshman School in Jessamine County
  • Worked

I was not alone in my dislike/contempt for the Freshman School idea. It appears to be revenue neutral, so money isn't an excuse. There seems to be disagreement about whether it would be beneficial or hurtful to the sports programs. There would be complications for freshman who take advanced classes. This would affect Tigger, but the program would not be in place during Critter's freshman year, if at all. I'm hoping that the overwhelming opinion against it will sway the Board of Education and the Local Planning Commission.

There's a penis on the front page of the Herald-Leader. They don't put pictures in the online version; I'm stunned that I can't see the penis in the picture of the 425-million year old fossil. I guess I just don't have a dirty mind today.

And, random thought for the day, triggered by conversation with Wolf - who by the way needs to remember 9 pounds, 3 ounces:

If # is the pound sign, then is there an ounce sign? I got distracted, looking in my HTML reference for &ounce; until I remembered that £ is the currency kind of pound.
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I'm outta here

Chess Club was in one of the art rooms today, because the faculty was having a baby shower in the library. Crowded. Louder than the library, but not as loud as when it used to be in the cafeteria. I guess I'm already spoiled by having it in the library.

Stopped by Kinko's (forgot to make my personal copies for free at school - go inner-goodie-two-shoes) and CompUSA (Critter needed a cable extension before his desk is installed) on the way home from school.

Flar, who used to give presentations on using voicemail effectively, has been playing pointless phone-tag with me today.

I was considering leaving my computer at home, since I won't be bringing it to the tournament, and it will just be one more thing in the way, but now I have to, in case he follows up in email.

Checking for said email was my excuse to catch up before leaving the house, but I'll check again before leaving for the tournament in the morning. I don't expect to get online again tonight. Too tired.

Debating nuked frozen versus "fast" food en route.

See y'all on Sunday.
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