November 12th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

No work this week

So tonight, I will finish the laundry, update the Rookettes Records and prepare paperwork for the chess tournament.

I could clean the kitchen table and work on bills, too

Critter didn't bring in the paper this morning -- I was sleeping in, and often act as comics-noodge -- and by the time I brought it in, it was rather wet. The jacuzzi makes a great paper-drying table.

Critter's birthday was fun. We had pineapple meatloaves with mashed potatoes and baby carrots. And strawberry cake for dessert. Then we played a number of rounds of Spooks a new game by Steve Jackson. A little like Uno, but when SJ takes an old standby, he definitely puts his mark on it. Very fun.

I got the chess roster finished and sent to the right individual, who has already acknowledged receipt.

I loaded the dishwasher last night, giving Critter a break for his birthday. Then I had a nice bubble-bath and phone call with Wolf.

I got to bed at a reasonable hour, but I had trouble getting up this morning, so I slept in a bit. That was a treat.

Now it's time to leave for carline.
bundled up, walkabout, snow


very very wet

It's been raining since I noticed outside at all today. Sometimes heavily, sometimes light, but mostly just straight down, drenching rain.

Marshall Branch is out of its banks, and I had to drive through high water that was all the way across Vince Road, more times than I can count. Got home safely, and no reason to go back out. I'm glad I don't have work tonight.

Potato-cheese soup for dinner.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Communicable Diseases letter

Strep is at school again, and Tigger came home with the communicable diseases form letter. I'm not worried about him catching it - he won't even drink after his own family members, so I can't imagine him doing anything at school that would expose him to what's going around.

But I'm posting the information for each of the diseases, to have it here in a handy place. Thanks, Wolf, for helping me with the formatting. :)

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