November 8th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Next time I'll just shut up

Yes, things can get worse.

We just got back from a family trip to the dentist. Sometimes everyone needs to go, for enough comforting for the patient.

I am not going to explain *how* a bowling ball can chip two front teeth, just assure you that it was very painful. It involves the fact that bowling balls bounce.

Flar called 15 dentists before he found one open on Saturday, and scored an emergency appointment for 1:30pm. The dentist's office called us when a noon appointment cancelled, so we got in earlier.

Tigger's right front upper tooth was sheered almost to a point; the piece that broke off exposed the pulp of the tooth. His left front upper tooth (chipped by going down a slide face first last spring, and repaired) was also chipped, but only a little. Mostly, it was jarred loose. The dentist put a temporary patch on the right tooth, lectured us about the importance of gentle and thorough brushing, motrin to reduce inflammation, and don't touch the front teeth with anything except the soft tooth brush, or a kleenex if the brush is too painful. He expects the (I think he said) ligaments around the left tooth to heal and tighten back up, but he thinks Tigger has a 50-50 chance on the right tooth. And, he should be able to eat anything, as long as he only chews on the sides.

We stopped at Rusty Scabbard on the way home for Tigger to buy a birthday present for Critter. We put a blanket over Critter's head, so he wouldn't know where we went.

And now I'm packing for a trip to Louisville, leaving from Yamamoto's, after a family birthday dinner for Critter.
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