November 5th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Oops, got a little busy there

Monday started out nice and lazy.

Then reality returned. I took the boys to see Brother Bear. It made me cry; I'm so easy. On the way home, I even stopped at McDonald's. This is a treat for them, since I don't really care for it, myself. I had leftover Peanut Butter Stew for lunch. Yum.

After we got back from the movie, there was time for me to shower before going to work. Gaucha sent a new skirt to match my new elf boots, so I dressed up for work.

Which is probably why I actually did a short round of physical stuff at work on Monday - taping and restacking boxes to get them ready for pickup by the delivery company.

Details didn't show up, so I worked all by myself. Didn't finish the queue I was indexing, but I wonder if I would have, if I hadn't taken time out for boxes. (And supervising the pickup -- I deemed it necessary for an employee to be in the loading area while there was activity there, and I was the only employee on hand.) I'll be calling in later today to find out if I work tonight.

Yesterday, I fixed banana pancakes for the boys for breakfast. Bowled in Tuesday Tigers, shopped at Sam's and Kroger, got my allergy shot, and voted. I had a phone call with Wolf last night, who was home sick yesterday with his cold. He's back at work today, still sick, but sounding slightly better.

I got the dishes caught up, I'm caught up on newspapers, I've clipped and sorted this weeks' coupons, but need to re-sort the coupons that got culled during shopping yesterday. I'm behind on opening the mail, and I'm running laundry today.

Last week it felt really good to work hard on Wednesday, cleaning, while I was running laundry. I'd like to work on the jacuzzi room floor, which has gotten pretty nasty from muddy dogs, but ...

I'm feeling Itch today. It's an emotional state described by Connie Willis in Bellweather. Sort of blah, sort of irritable, sort of, i dunno, itch.

I dressed in cool clothes for working hard, but instead I'm curled up under my lap blanket to keep warm while I type. I had things I can do on the computer, so I may just stay curled up here, in between feeding the machines. Or, walking on the floor that I want to tackle, while feeding the machines, may eventually get to me, and then I'll work.

It's rainy outside, and that would be a "normal" person's reason for feeling blah, but it usually cheers me up. I like the rain. I like the steel grey skies. I like the soft patter on the windows and the way it makes my hair curl.

Maybe I'll work on my Nanowrimo.
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