October 31st, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

What, Minikin writes polls?

I had a conversation yesterday that stuck in my head. I was talking to a friend about the upcoming election, and asked if she was going to vote for the independent candidate for Attorney General. She likes him, but votest a straight party ticket.

I got to thinking about it, because I've never done that. Okay, so I'm a registered Republican, living in a heavily Democrat state, and I like to vote Libertarian when possible. I know I'm not ordinary. But, even if I didn't want to vote for Libertarian candidates: there are often not Republican candidates for all the offices, so voting the Republican ticket would mean not voting at all in a bunch of races.

So, the mulling around turned into a poll:

Poll #199074 Election Day curiosity

I generally:

Vote a straight party ticket
Vote for candidates individually, always choosing my party when possible
Vote for candidates individually, regardless of party affiliation
Don't vote
Always answer these things in the comments
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

A quiet night

So far.

We're quietly sitting in the family room, using our individual laptops. I caught up on LJ while canuckgirl was lying down to appease her tummy. The boys are due back anytime now from trick or treat. Aren't we clever about using using our alone time?

Dinner was Campbell's Baked Dinner, with Pepperidge Farm Cheese Bread and Mrs. Smith's Apple Pie. Go freezer go! Tomorrow I cook from scratch.

I have read the paper today. I haven't caught up the dishes or mail. Laundry is mostly done, with some towels to be folded and some linens in process. Coupons are caught up until Sunday.

We had some nice cuddle time between school pick-up and dinnertime, but I'm currently quite annoyed with my body. Nothing like entertaining an out of town SO when Auntie Flo insists on being there, too.

There was only time for a shortish cuddle on the couch this morning, between getting home from Boo! Sing and leaving for carline.

Boo! Sing was fun, but Tigger was damn hard to spot on stage. His class was blocked at the back of the stage, and his costume this year (as Blade) is black pants, a black t-shirt, a black leather coat, and sunglasses. (The weapons: a wooden sword and daggers, and a foam Blade™ throwing blade had to stay home from school.)

Yesterday after bowling, I dropped off the school picture orders, which were late. I've managed to vent enough at my mom and then in more dilute versions to Sydb and Canuckgirl that I don't feel the need to rant about it here. Suffice it to say that I screwed up, and have to pay late fees and wait longer for school pictures to come back. But, on the bright side, having to drive to the studio meant that I finally got around to ordering class pictures from last year. We never got our act together to do it last year, at all.

I also picked up the bread for bread bowls for tomorrow night's dinner.

At home, I had time for lunch, and to sweep the kitchen floor. I think sweeping helped with the need to vent, too.

I had a varied list at work. The first two queues were really short, so I not only indexed and double-keyed them, I image processed them (giving myself a longish break ;). The next two queues didn't have double-keying, and looking longish for image processing, and then I finished the evening out with a longish queue that double-keyed much faster than I was expecting, so I got my whole list done by when I wanted to leave the office, which was 11:32pm. Even after taking a 50 minute dinner break.

To summarize, I used up all the work, and then left on time to pick up Canuckgirl at the airport. Her flight landed on-time, deplaned its passengers somewhat slowly, and then took "forever" to get the luggage out.
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