October 29th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Productive Morning

So far, I've
  • made banana pancakes for breakfast
  • read the paper
  • sorted and started laundry
  • cleaned the green bathroom
  • called the plumbers regarding the toilet in the green bathroom
  • played around with graphics and style sheets

Now it's time for lunch, after I move the laundry.

I'm not working tonight, so I'm working at home. Next on the list is washing dishes, then cleaning the Lincoln Room. On the way home from school, I plan to take the boys to buy pumpkins to decorate for Halloween, and Tigger wants to make cookies with me, tonight.

Besides that, I need to generate some email for chess club, and of course there's always the bookkeeping to work on...

It's fun to clean house for guests. :)
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Update on my day

Since lunch, I've:
  • continued running laundry through the machines
  • hung out shirts and pants
  • washes dishes
  • cleaned the kitchen counter
  • started cleaning the Lincoln room
    and got involved in more cleaning than I've done the last few times I've merely swooped in with fresh sheets
  • picked up the boys
  • gotten the toilet fixed (while I was gone)
  • bought detergent to finish the laundry
  • bought pumpkins and straw
  • made ginger cookie dough and put it in the fridge to roll out later
  • watched Oh God! Book II

And now I'm going up to finish cleaning the Lincoln room while the boys work on the playroom. I'm vacuuming, go me!

After that, Tigger and I are rolling out ginger cookies and baking them. Decorating will be an afternoon activity on Friday, as that I think. It's a half-day at school.

Then I have to figure out exactly how to transfer registration of our sites to Go Daddy, hoping that I haven't left it too late.

And finish up laundry by sorting clean clothes into boys', Matt's and mine, and fold mine and the towels.

And put the rug back in the green bathroom, and set out towels.

And figure out what I need to do for chess club. Rookettes is down and already in the car. Go me.
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