October 26th, 2003

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Catching Up Again

I haven't really written about what I've been doing, since I left town for Sydb's birthday weekend.

We had a nice weekend, not quite as jammed packed as my birthday weekend, since Sydb wasn't quite so ambitious with her list of what she'd like to do for her birthday. We spent some time shopping, some time hanging out, some time with her family, some time watching Buffy episodes, and even went to the Zoo.

On Sunday night, I got hit with a mini-emotional storm, and felt unreasonably sad. You know, the kind of sad where you feel like crying, but there's nothing particular to cry about? But where, anything even remotely negative can seem world-stopping and awful.
Mostly, it just made me really subdued Sunday night before we went to sleep, and then sad on Monday while I was packing up to go home. Packing up to go home is not exactly a favorite activity of mine, anyway.

I think Sydb liked the jewelry that I made for her for her presents. I made a pendent and earrings out of amethyst and silver-covered copper wire, and a necklace of beads that Sydb had selected on my birthday weekend, and more of the beads that I used for our bracelets. She tried on each of the necklaces, and the earrings, and wore the beaded necklace while we were out during the day on Saturday.

I made a cake for Sydb's birthday dinner at her parents' house, and everyone seemed to like it. It's my chocolate "production" cake - chocolate swiss meringues, filled and iced with chocolate mousse, then covered with broken pieces of meringue. In order to put a message on the cake, I melted white candy melts and spread them in an oval, then wrote the message in purple icing on the white candy oval.

Chess club was rather hectic that Friday, and ended when Fall Festival was setting up. There is a new Coach, who prefers to be called by his first name, with the title mister, by the kids. I think I'll call him Mr.Coach in my journal. He comes with his own Chess mom, from the school where he used to coach. I'll be calling her Firewall, since he doesn't have email, and I'm to send email to him through her. He should be able to teach a lot to the kids, but I'm worried about whether we'll be able to keep the friendly atmosphere that we've worked for, while adding a more competitive edge to the players.

By the time I got home on Monday, I was Just In Time to pick up the boys from carline (they were walking back into the school building as I pulled up). Then I began the long process of catching up at home. First I read all the newspapers that Flar had saved up for me. Then I started in on dishes, but only got half of them washed on Tuesday morning, before it was time to leave for bowling.

Tuesday I got grocery shopping and Sam's shopping done, and I made steak for dinner on Tuesday and Beef Macaroni Italiano for dinner on Wednesday. On Tuesday, I dropped off letters to Ownerguy from Flar, one an invoice for work, another a letter proposing the details of Flar taking over Opman's job, for about 15 hours a week of work. On Tuesday, Opman told me to wait until Monday to come in to work.

Wenesday I slept all day, with icky headaches in between. I thought of the sleeping as the last of the acute hormonal emotional state wearing off, though, since I didn't feel as bleak about everything. But napping all day made me feel discouraged, since I didn't use that time to get all caught up. I did manage to get the week's laundry all done, by dent of deciding there weren't enough towels to constitute a load, and having left all my weekend dirty clothes in Louisville, and not nagging the boys to dump their dirty clothes down the laundry chute before I got started.

Thursday, I ended up working after all. I went in after bowling to train on prep for a new job, then went back in the evening after taking the boys home from school. Doing prep after having worked indexing feels almost like punishment, but at least it's work. I'm working a full three nights this coming week, but I hope some of it will be indexing again.

Wednesday night, I did manage to put together the database for chess club, and complete calling for the first tournament and put together a roster to send the tournament organizer. Friday I had a few last minute changes to make to that, and other really didn't get a blame thing done.

Chess Club was a bit more organized this go-round, and Mr.Coach gave his first lesson. He's talking about moving the kids to the library after for future lessons, which makes sense when one considers the acoustics of the library. However, I do wonder about the logisitics of feeding the kids their healthy snack in the cafeteria, etc. We'll see how it works out.

Yesterday was the first chess tournament. LTMS organized it, and it was held at Lafayette High School. I picked up one friend of Critter's on the way, and we arrived just after 8am. Firewall was already there, and had advice on where we should set up our skittles space. The tournament was smoothly run, and we left by 5pm, which is early, considering that we helped with the break-down.

The primary team (K-3rd) took first place in their division, and Timothy won a trophy for 7th place overall. There were only four kids on our primary team, and two of the other kids also won individual trophies, which was neat.

The elementary team (K-5th) took fourth place, and one of the kids won an individual trophy.

The middle school team (K-8th) also took fourth, but none of the kids won individual trophies.

When I got home, I took a look at my pedometer, as my feet and legs were awfully tired. I'd taken 14,330 steps during the day, equivalent to walking 5.88 miles. Which is a lot for me, considering my normal activity level ranges between 5,000 and 10,000 steps. Flar was nice and fixed dinner, so I vegged in my chair the rest of the evening -- too tired to even compose mail or LJ entries.

I watched movies the rest of the night: Malibu's Most Wanted, Swimfan and then Amy's Orgasm. The last was a romantic comedy, which set a theme for the rest of the weekend. Today I watched One Fine Day and Only You and turned off the TV as Sleepless in Seattle was starting.

This morning I slept very late, and woke up with an awful sinus headache that hasn't gone away.

I'm now caught up on dishes and newspapers and laundry, but need to clip and sort coupons and open mail. And I still desperately need to work on bookkeeping. I also set or verified all 45 timepieces in the house. Some set themselves; Flar set some of them. Only two of them needed new batteries. I'll set my car clock tomorrow.

Flar made chili today, because it was a grey day outside, and I tried my hand at potato pancakes to go with it. I'm not convinced it's a reasonable side-dish for chili, and definitely not impressed with my effort at making them. I'll have to watch Ro make them sometime.

I've finished reading Wyrd Sisters and not sure I can read with this headache, but not convinced I can sleep without a little reading.

I'm heading to bed with excedrin and raisinettes and a caffeine-free soda, to see if I can sleep.
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