October 24th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Oh my

Oh my ...

Critter is now wearing Flar's hand-me-downs.

I think I may have already mentioned this here, but the latest hand-me-down is a doozie. The boys have to wear blazers and ties on Fridays, after first conference. Today is the first dress-up Friday after first conference. On picture day, we determined that Critter's blazer needed replacing, but there weren't any to fit him at the Blazer Swap at Fall Festival last week. So Flar was tasked with taking him shopping last night. He decided to shop in his closet.

Critter fits into the jacket of Flar's $800 (in 1985 dollars) Ermenegildo Zegna suit. The pants aren't right for him, and might be too short for a tailor to fix to suit him.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Oh my, revisited

I can communicate with Guacha almost with ease. A horrible mangling of Portuguese, with pigeon Spanish and hopeful English thrown in. But I can communicate, gosh darn it! And I even know most of the single digit numbers, for giving her his cell phone number. (Fortunately, Flar's cell phone number doesn't use any numbers higher than 5, at which my command of the Portuguese becomes sincerely less certain.)
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Feeling discouraged

So, you know how I was saying this was my last week to catch up before work picks up again? I practically slept through my last really good opportunity for catching up. grr. And then worked yesterday, from noon through 10:30pm, with a longish break for picking up the boys from school.

The house is a mess, with little bits of acute mess particularly prodding me. My bedside table is stacked with books I haven't read, and the drawers next to it. I can barely get to my bathroom sink. There is so much paperwork to handle, to even think of getting caught up with bookkeeping, that I keep avoiding it. My usable space on the kitchen table is once again shrunk to barely enough to support a cereal bowl, and I've only gotten the dishes half-way caught up.

And, I'm sitting here typing.

Knight is coming over for a short visit this morning. Maybe I will be more active with him here.

Quote from work last night:

I've got two skinny ones and a fat one left, and then I'm done!

No, I am not a lady of the evening, no matter my working hours, or the seeming connotations of the quote.

I was talking about file folders, thank you very much.
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