October 7th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

a moratory monday


yes, I am still totally capable of being a slug.

Nothing like writing a personal journal to be faced with one's own total slugglishness.

I spent the morning writing email and LJ and reading.

Then I showered, not so much to get clean as to get warm. It's now colder in the house than outside, but we haven't actually been running AC to get that effect. The house cooled down with the recent cold snap, and is now staying cool while the great outdoors warms up. The outside temperature is warming in anticipation of the heating contractor coming on Wednesday to check out the system and light the boiler. This system is now going on 15 years old, and just a shade cranky.

Then it was late enough to justify eating lunch, and then I took longer to finish up the grocery list than I shoud have.

I got a call from Opman. It seems the work slowdown will be lasting longer than he'd hoped, and he wanted to plan a coherent one-day a week schedule for me. Details is working Thursday nights, so that's when he'd prefer for me to come in. I'm to call on Wednesdays to verify.

I deposited a couple of checks and got a little cash at the bank, replaced my MP3 player earbuds (tragic garage incident, involving dropping the old ones, and Flar running over them with his car), and picked up the boys. We then picked up dog food and groceries before heading home.

There was a meeting at school last night with the aim of helping 8th grade parents select a high school.

There were people at the meeting from four out of the five Fayette county high schools, and the three private schools. The guy from Lexington Christian Academy scared Flar, when he said "we don't prepare our students for life, we prepare them for a life after." Hoo boy.

We found out that Sayre has a whopping 10 openings for the freshman class, but that their current tuition is comparable or maybe a tad less than TLS.

There was an information packet about East Jessamine High School.
The good news is 0 aggravated assaults in the last period reported. The bad news is that they report this stuff. The other categories were drug related incidents - 29, and weapons violations - 1. Sigh. I was unreasonably fearful of starting high school because I read Up the Down Staircase when I was in 7th grade. Critter is nervous about entering the public school system because of reports he reads in the newspapers.

When we got back from school, we ate a late dinner. I discovered that my new phone can play backgammon. Flar found Heartbreakers on the satellite. Gaucha called, and Flar abandoned the movie. Wolf called, and I abandoned the movie.

Sleepiness abounded. I turned the lights out a good solid half hour before my bedtime.

Um, so, I got the grocery shopping done, so I guess I wasn't a complete slug yesterday.

Today I have bowling, Sam's Club, the allergist, and prescriptions to pick up for Flar.

And a bubblebath and phone call with Wolf, tonight.
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