September 26th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

My birthday

I've gotten lots of birthday wishes and lots of birthday fun already.

I wrote about my trip to Texas, and my busy day before going to Louisville.

Wednesday night was awesome. Flar fixed this delicious chicken dinner, with a careful eye to those dieters in our midst. He opened a bottle of rose for me, which was yummy, and helped me be very mellow for the evening.

Ro and Knight bought me this really bodacious laptop desk, and we had fun with the setting up process. I've taken pictures, but I haven't put them where they can be seen, yet.

Thursday, on my actual birthday, I packed up the car with stuff for Louisville and cashed my Granny check on the way to pick up LaDonna_Rena for bowling.

Bowling was cool. We aren't dissolving as a league. Prez and I have made up (we did so in email over the weekend, actually), and everyone seems cool with things. Prez and I got to play vacant and racked up 4 points, even though I didn't bowl my average in any of the three games. My average is current 149, and I bowled 136, 137 and 123.

After I dropped off LaDonna_Rena (giving her the option of going shopping with me), I got my allergy shot first. Then, I went by Linen's N Things for a gift for Lebif and Lady_A, and bought something for myself as a handling fee. LNT is in the Very Large Shopping Neighborhood of Lexington, and I spent a little time there on myself. Didn't like anything at Claire's, got fed up with the wait at Manhattan Bread Factory, or whatever it was (although I was grateful for their rest facilities), and bought lunch at Steak N Shake before finally getting on the road.

I called work again, and Opman doesn't have the job confirmed yet, for which I'd be training to scan, but he thinks there'll be indexing for me on Monday. I'm to call and confirm, though.

Sydb had the house all nifty neat to greet me, and Roo was standing in the door looking for me. My car does not yet register as exciting event, but she recognized me once I got out of the car, and acted all pleased and excited. A wonderful birthday present from Roo. :)

Wolf fixed Huevos Rancheros for dinner, and then I dragged them to see Secondhand Lions. Have I mentioned how important it is for everyone to see this film! ? They agree. :) After the movie, we made a grocery run.

After we got home, there was much laying about being together of quite high quality. And yes, I got my birthday spankings. Which I sweet-talked Wolf into counting his own-dam-self.

This morning Wolf fixed breakfast while I caught up on a day and a half of LJ.

Now for more birthday celebrating. ;)
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