September 19th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Counting down to vacation

I'm going to Texas for my birthday. Yay! I'm leaving today to drive to Louisville, then flying Southwest to San Antonio. So bonus, I also get to see Wolf and Sydb.

My schedule being what it is, my departure is somewhat indeterminate. After I write this update, I'm going to shower, finish packing, pack the car, then pay bills. Flar put a big whopping check in the bank, so I need to work on using it up.

Yesterday, I worked off the anger about bowling by putting together the figures we'll need to have on hand, if we actually do end the league next week. But I'm being all optimistic and thinking it won't actually happen: If any of the ladies decide to form new teams on the Tuesday league, they'll need to pay a whopping $70 apiece the first week in past and current bowling fees, and an additional $30.25 in "last two weeks" and misc fees within the next two weeks. Plus, they'll have to make up six series of bowling. The ladies who are most enthusiastic about quitting are the ones who already bowl on Tuesdays, go figure. Well, and Prez. Who really suprised me on this.

But, that burnt through the time in the afternoon that I was going to pack and hang out clothes, which I did later in the evening. Which is why I haven't done bookkeeping yet.

Gonna go get started on today's list, now.

Oh, but wait, I forgot about the silliness called today's front page.

I mean, I really shouldn't laugh, it's really more appalling than anything else, but it still seems also just faintly amusing that a UK surgery team managed to leave a whole surgical towel wadded up inside this guy. And then, below the fold, real-dead by-golly actual fossil evidence of Rodents of Unusual Size!
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

I'm outta here!

I just got through identifying the hungriest creditors, and wrote out three checks. Still got lots of bookkeeping to catch up on when I get home.

Going by the bank, dropping a couple of checks in the mail, and then driving to Louisville. As soon as I get through looking at the pictures Flar wants to show me.

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