September 16th, 2003

Caught Up

Getting Caught Up Shall Include Sleep

My spice are getting very little sleep, and I find I'm sleepy too.

So I shall catch up, then sleep, and count that as part of catching up.

I'm currently staying caught up on
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Newspapers
  • Coupons

Thus, to catch up before sleeping, I've got one pan of dishes to wash and the last load of laundry to transfer to the dryer. Flar's expecting to be home around 1:30pm tomorrow, so I can do tidying sorts of things before he gets home, without staying up later tonight.

But first, to catch up on My Busy Life Since Last I Posted.

I had a wonderful, wonderful visit with Wolf and Sydb. I have to remind myself that it was so short, because we managed to pack so much into it. Contributing to the lack of sleep, unfortunately.

Tigger enjoyed his sleepover, and I got the low-down on that from Grace, today. It seems that the Playstation 2 memory card (used) that Tigger for T for his birthday still had data on it. Dragon Ball Z data, to be precise, with lots of acquired goodies. T doesn't have Dragon Ball Z, but one of his friends brought it, so they really enjoyed playing with the nifty stuff. They didn't go to sleep until Grace's husband stood over them at 2:30am and insisted.

Critter stayed home by himself, and had a fine time online. I picked up his friend on my way home from Louisville, and they spent the evening together before his mom came to bring him home.

I haven't written about the current home crisis. I believe I wrote about a funny noise that I could hear in the kitchen, even when the air system wasn't running. I got the heating & AC people out here on Friday, and they determined that it was a water leak, spraying water against the ductwork.

The soonest the plumbers could come out was yesterday, and they couldn't get to the leak because of all the ductwork.

The H&AC guy came out today and loosened up all the ductwork so that the plumbers could get to the leak. Bonus, he said the leak was in a buried pipe (ick) and he covered the leak with a rock so that it wouldn't spray.

Tomorrow the plumber comes out.

I hate to think what all this is going to end up costing.

I already wrote about work calling in sick on Monday. I wonder if they'll have work for me tomorrow. Flar says they should be getting new work in soon, so this is only a temporary lull.

Well, now to get at those dishes and laundry and bed.
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A Story by Tigger

This was Tigger's favorite piece of journal-writing from last year:

The Silly Puppy that Ruled the World with a Piece of Twine

One day, the silly puppy was playing and she saw a piece of cookie dough. It was in the kitchen. The silly puppy ran to the cookie dough and ate it up. The cookie dough made her bigger and bigger and then she saw a piece of twine. She decided to rule the world with it.

"Mwa ha ha ha, I will rule England, Paris, Spain, China, France, North America, Canada, South America, Brazil, Peru, East Africa, New England, Pakistan, Mexico, Gayana, Saudia Arabia, India, Morocco, Turkey, Oman, Iran, Russia, Japan, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and that is just to name a few."

I will read the How to Take Over the World with a Piece of Twine book. The first thing I have to do is soak the twine in water. Done. Then stick it in pencil shavings. Done. Then stick it in a magic rub eraser. Now I have a missile loaded in my launcher. Shoot it and I have the whole world in my hand.

Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The End.
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