September 15th, 2003


Unexpected Free Time

To play catch-up.

Opman called this afternoon. There isn't enough to index, so he asked me not to come in. And I'm to call around 2pm on Wednesday, to see if I'm working on Wednesday.

I've decided to use the time to work on catching up on Bills paperwork.
  1. Inflict order on the kitchen table.
  2. Finish posting receipts and bills that are already opened.
  3. Open new mail and sort it.
  4. Repeat step three
  5. Pay bills that are payable out of our current balance
  6. Reconcile medical bills and EOBs
  7. Print reports for Flar

Okay, so I chose the Moosecoon icon, but I don't really expect to get all this done tonight and tomorrow afternoon and night. Even given that Wolf is working against a hard deadline and bubblebath is hosed for this week. But, I hope to get a lot of progress made before Flar comes back home. And when I finally *do* get the bills caught up, by golly they are well and truly going to Stay Caught Up!

Then bills will join the laundry, and the dishes, and the newspapers, and the coupons. In the ranks of the subjugated scutwork. Those once powerful demons which can torment me no more. Bwahaha!

(Okay, so the GwtW quotation was better. But this was all original, so there.)
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