September 13th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

On the road again

Driving to Louisville after i drop Tigger off at a sleepover. Critter is going to have the house to himself for one night. We have no porsch for him to wreck, so i'm not worried. ;)

Movie with Ro last night was fun. We also got to play Chrononauts a couple of rounds. That was fun, too. I need to just go over and spend play games to chill out. I should do that more.

Tigger was down because he wasn't bowling his average this morning. His average is 98, handicap is 91. He bowled an 88 and a 94. But he perked up after he bowled a 142! His new average is 106 with an 84 handicap.

And now it's time to go...
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