September 12th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

I am a gay robot?

Okay, so I forgot about parent's night. When I was packing my dinner. But I remembered in time to get there. I just had the fun of figuring out how to eat enchiladas while driving. ;)

One of Critter's teachers is Lana. But her last name doesn't start with L, so that's okay.

Seen on the white board in Chemistry: "Gum must always be on waxpaper not balance pan." It seems the current unit is "Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bed post overnight?" I can only assume that the exercise assumes that flavor has mass, since a balance scale is involved. ;)

I was caught up to today in the paper. I'd even started reading today's paper, but not the comics. I brought it to work, when I thought I'd be there for dinner. And left it behind when I drove to TLS, cause duh, I wouldn't have a chance to read during parent's night. My paper wasn't on the break room table when I left tonight. I wasn't paying attention to see if Details took it home, or the cleaning lady tossed it. Sigh.

Okay, so I work at the east end of downtown Lexington. It added a whole minute, maybe two, to my drive home: I zipped over to the Herald-Leader, and there were still Thursday papers in the boxes outside the building. I paid 50¢ to support my daily comix addiction. ;)
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The box turtle came back. While I was packing my not-suitable-for-eating-while-driving dinner, I noticed that Flood was barking away at something, and digging at the back corner of the fence. Critter and I went to investigate, and found the turtle was back. We got Tigger to carry it down to the woods near the creek. He says he found a spot that was a perfect turtle nest. Then I had to go find the Absorbine Junior for the bug bites he got, walking close the creek in just sandals. Oops.

Work tonight. Ugh. See, there's not much coming in, so not much left to index. Details was there tonight, and there was stuff for each of us to do. I worked until 12:15, but only because I got there at 5:30, and left for a 2 hour dinner break. Neither of us is working tomorrow night. Details is a natural pessimist, and I'm a natural optimist. She's planning on calling before making the trek to the office on Monday. I'm planning on going in, unless they call to tell me differently.

There's a funny noise in the kitchen. The return, under the thermostat, is making a rattly air movement noise. Even when there's no air movement from the vents. And, if you stand in the right part of the kitchen, you can hear equipment running under the floor, which is where the air handler is. Only, there shouldn't be any sound, since I turned the thermostat to the "off" of "heat/off/cool" and "fan" of "auto/fan". Which is suppose to shut the whole thing off.

The repair guys are supposed to show up in the morning.

Okay, really should get to bed. Just felt full of random near to share this evening.
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War inflation

I forgot to mention the talk show follies yesterday.

And I didn't write about 9/11.

And I forgot to send birthday wishes to ladonne.

Happy Birthday LaDonne!

But, back to war inflation.

I listen to talk radio while i drive. On the way home from from bowling, I caught the beginning of Bill O' Reilly's show. His perspective on the day was that the attack on the Twin towers and the Pentagon was the beginning of world war three.

By then, I'd gotten home and I didn't feel like listening to the radio over lunch. So I didn't get to hear Bill's explanations and reasonings behind calling it a world war.

Later, on the way home from parent's night, I heard Neil Bortz say that we were currently in world war four, and that the cold war was world war three. Thus, war inflation.

When Bortz was explaining about the cold war being world war three, he characterized it as being won by Reagan. By forcing the Russians into a military buildup that broke the back of their economy. Like we're doing, in the war against Iraq?

Okay, enough of this. I had a dream the other night, in which I'd decided to become a peace activist. Not just decided I was against the current war footing or something, but marches, activism, protests, etc. I'm not there. Not convinced enough, I suppose. But I have to admit to losing faith in Bush, in questioning his leadership of our country. And the restrictions to civil liberties that are being passed in the Patriotism Acts frighten me. I am so *not* a Bush apologist at this point.

But, I don't feel like I have a better solution, or really particularly agree with any that I'm hearing out there from the various presidential candidates.
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More from Parent Night

I've never really mentioned that the TLS librarian could be a poster woman for traditional school librarian. White haired, very dignified, quiet, etc. etc. She's subbing for Critter's English teacher, who just gave birth. There are three terms in the school year, and Madame Librarian (no, Shirley Jones isn't the classical school librarian - she portrayed the youthful potential of one) will be subbing for the first term.

Anyway, two of the three novels that they'll be reading are Catcher in the Rye and Farenheit 451. I thought it was interesting that first they would read a book famed for being banned, and then they would read a story of book burning. It seems the theme will be the dangerous potential inherent in independent thinking. No, the third book wasn't 1984, but I can't remember what is was.

Gosh, Critter's Spanish teacher is a cutie. We're not supposed to have those thoughts, sitting at the student desks, listening to the teachers pitch their classes, are we?

Side conversations.

I cornered Coach. He hasn't pinned down getting the coach from Meadowthorpe, but he seems confident that we'll have no problem with that. He had gotten my email, just hadn't gotten around to answering it. And, he thinks it's reasonable to schedule the first chess club for the first Friday in October, even if Bride can't be there.

To stay or to go? Many of the parents were talking about where their 8th graders would be, next year. Here, Critter wants to stay, and Flar wants him to start High School as a freshman instead of waiting. I lean toward supporting Critter, but it's an expensive decision. I talked to other parents who want their kids to stay, but the kids want to go on the high school. Bizarre. I think the new contracts come out in February, and I'd just as soon put aside discussions until then. Maybe our finances will be such that the numbers won't make the decision.
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yep, it's Friday

Caught up on LJ now. Going to catch up on dishes and fold the laundry before getting back online.

The temptation to surf is strong in this one today.
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Chicago LJ: post early, post often

I'm caught up on dishes and laundry.

I'm still reading yesterday's paper.

I found some stuff. In my search for Huey Louis -- still MIA; I found its case, empty -- I found a bunch of other upbeat music to rip: Blood, Sweat & Tears, the soundtrack for The Big Chill and Old Yellow Eyes. Okay, that's not exactly boppy music, but I like crooning, too.

In my search for my "i ♥ > 1" button, I found my "I voted" buttons. And in my search for the proper LJ tag for ♥ I found a couple of Mac helps files - one for HTML, the other for style sheets. Woot!

Okay, now for some fun. Rookettes records, so they're ready days early, and then the lightbulb checklist. I'm stopping by Wal-mart after school to pick up a present for Tigger to bring to the sleepover, and I'd like to stop at Lowe's for lightbulbs and brighten the house before Flar comes home. The tall ladder is in the house right now, so I could replace *all* of the burnt out bulbs...
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Last bit on Parent Night

If the fourth grade science teacher was channeling Ms. Frizzle, then I think the eighth grade science teacher is what we'd get if Snape were *nice*. (They're studying chemistry.)

She made fire for the parents. By poofing air through a rubber tube, after pouring powder into a container (hidden in a larger, open-topped box), and lighting (something out of sight, so I don't know if it was a fuse, or the powder directly). The tube added air to the mixture and the flame was 8 feet high (from the floor - the table was probably 3' of that).

Or maybe, if Hagrid taught Potions. ;)
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