September 3rd, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

So far

I've changed the sheets on the bed, air-fluffed the old comforter before stuffing it into a plastic storage bag, washed the old sheets and put them into the dryer, and put colored t-shirts into the wash.

There should be four more loads: whites, permanent press and two loads of towels. Or, if only one load of towels, then a load of fleece and sweaters.

Ate breakfast, read half the paper, and identified some grocery items that are today-critical, so will be going for a short run when Knight gets here.

Things always look neater once the laundry is sorted...
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Not bad for a Wednesday

I think I'm in this tiny minority of people who love rainy days.

Turns out I needed Clorox 2 and some other groceries, so Knight went shopping with me. It was pouring down rain when we came out with the groceries, and it was kind of fun to dash out and get all wet.

And, it makes my hair all curly. :)

Today has been a great laundry day. I've gotten all the clothes-loads through - the last load is in the dryer. I've got one of the two towel loads in the washer, and the bed has fresh sheets, with the other sheets washed, dried, folded and put away. I've gotten all the clothes that have come out of the dryer hung, sorted and folded already (I don't sort of fold the boys' clothes beyond the boys'-clothes-basket in the sorting step, but I *did* fold all of Flar's clothes this time.)

I'm caught up on dishes, and I inflicted a relatively lax order on the kitchen table. There's a pile of bill-related stuff to do, a non-bills stuff to do, and coupons, and smallish piles for each of the boys and Flar. You can see vast expanses of granite in between. go me!

I'm also ready for Rookettes in the morning. Last night, I printed out this week's payment forms, then the team rosters for members to verify their information and my resource sheet, same. Whee. Feeling quite organized, right now. I'm waiting for two sanction cards to be turned in, before I fill out the league sanction form and send it in.

Now I have 10 minutes to download email, throw out spam, and look into some of the research questions from idle work conversation.

Then it'll be time for carline and work and sleep.

Tigger expressed a desire for Chili-Mac last night, so I'm going to get him to fix dinner tonight.
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