August 24th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

mid-sleepover report

I'm heading to bed.

I just got through making and serving: a half-batch of sugar cookies, a half-batch of toll-house cookies, and milk, apple juice, apple juice, lemonade, water, already-have-a-drink & already-asleep.

The boys are on Disc Two of the all-night DVD-a-thon, consisting of Space Balls, Men in Black: II, Lilo & Stitch, Ice Age and 10 episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

The older boys are probably still awake, but hiding out in Chris' room, or watching Next Gen tapes upstairs.

Tomorrow I'll have a monster load of hand-wash, after I wake up. Loads of drink cups, cooling racks, cookie sheets, grill racks that didn't clean up well enough in the dishwasher, etc. Plus the regular one-day load from yesterday that I didn't wash this morning.

Flar's already in bed, and has agreed to be in charge of breakfast in the morning.

While I was making the cookies, I had the dogs in the kitchen with me, with the long gate in its original home, between the kitchen and family room. A vigilant eye and baby carrots for bribes were enough to convince Flood not to jump the gate. Flood and Ouchy decided it was bedtime before I crated them -- they curled up together in the crate to sleep. So I called Dizzy and gave them all biscuits, and they're asleep with nary a whine.

We had pizza for dinner: of six large pizzas, we have 7 slices leftover. Mostly cheese.

Before the boys got into the jacuzzi this afternoon, I had to vacuum. Dizzy had found a mouse hide-away behind the towels. She showed us by helpfully pulling all the towels off a shelf that a scotty dog can't possibly reach. Go figure. Anyway, since I had the vacuum out, I vacuumed the whole jacuzzi room and kitchen. I really ought to do that more often. It looks so much better.

The boys divided the afternoon between playstation or gamecube -- they had one TV to use as a monitor, and I don't know which game system they decided on, watching Critter and Teddy play games, playing the jacuzzi, and going down to the creek to hunt crawdads. They caught one, but it was declared too small to eat, and appeared to be in distress, so I suggested releasing it in the water garden, since that's closer than the creek, and has non-chlorinated water in it.

One of the boys had to leave early, so we have seven boys altogether, counting Tigger, and then Critter and his friend upstairs.

The jacuzzi is still open, for ease of getting back in it in the morning, with many damp and wet towels draped over the top that's leaning against it. The shoes and sandals are all lined up in one spot in the jacuzzi room, with the wettest of the shoes dried in the dryer. The bathing suits have all been dried and are in a basket next to the footwear.

Clothes and toys are strewn everywhere in the family room and play room and between. But I think other than the cookie plates, that all the dishes are in the kitchen. I've loaded the dishwasher and will start it running before I go to bed.

All in all, I think the house is in pretty neat shape for the mid-point of a sleepover.

Tomorrow: I get to sleep in. Then I have to do a grocery run, wash dishes, work on bills and bowling, and fix dinner. I'll probably also run one or two loads of towels through the laundry.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

mmmm ... organization

Sometimes it's good to sit down and write about what a wonderful husband I have. The one I married 22 years ago, that is. ;)

We just did something together. Something that I don't think I could do with just anyone else -- without disintegrating into fighting, I think.

We decided to reorganize the kitchen counter-top. He was going to leave it all to me, but it was overwhelming, so I asked his help. But, I was still QUITE opinionated about many of the decisions.

And we managed it. An organization pleasing to both of us, without fighting.

Maybe this is why he gets big bucks for consulting fees. ;)

Pictures to follow, once I get the sinks emptied by the boys, and the dishes washed. Later tonight, I expect.
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