August 21st, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow


i haven't read LJ since the last post i made, but i don't know if i'll have time until after bowling tomorrow, so an update.

Got all the loads in the wash - need to move the last load to the dryer before heading to bed.

Got prepped for the Rookettes org. meeting tomorrow, but there's still plenty to do after the meeting, to prep for the first day of bowling. After that, things start to settle down into about a 15 minute routine.

Work was okay. A queue of names. I indexed the remaining 1850 documents in it, then started double-keying and got 500 done. It's a big queue - 5300+ documents, so it'll be waiting for me tomorrow night, I'm sure.

  • wash a couple of dishes in the hand-wash bin, tidy kitchen
  • roust the boys and make them breakfast
  • deposit paycheck and get spending money
  • make copies of preliminary info sheets and league rules
  • run organizational meeting
  • bowl
  • lunch with Spydie at the bowling alley
  • One of:
    • fold laundry
    • tackle the bit of clutter on the kitchen table that resisted being organized
    • finish setting up the bowling league
    • make dinner
  • Work
bundled up, walkabout, snow

good news?

Our minimum balance on the 8/8/03 statement was positive. woo hoo.

Doing bills. Finances still suck. Flar wants numbers.

I've balanced the checkbooks, have all current deposits entered, still have outstanding checks to enter, and lots of bills to post.

and new bills to open.

and no new money.

but i have some ideas about new ways to survive until mythical money arrives.
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