August 18th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Early morning riser

Flar had an early morning flight, so he want to leave the house at 5:15. We actually got out of here by 5:30, but traffic was light, so he was still almost an hour before his 6:45 flight.

I just spent the time since I got home catching up on email that I've left unanswered for days, and reading LJ.

Then I made a couple of phone calls left a couple of phone messages, to see if I can go pick up checks for Flar.

Then I remembered about writing to ladonna_rena about Rookettes, and ended up putting the bowling schedule into my PDA and updating the league rules while I was checking on something. So, worked a little on setting up the league, which I need to finish by Thursday morning.

After lunch, I'll choose from washing dishes, clearing off the kitchen table, cleaning up Deb clutter in the family room, working on bills, or working on Rookettes startup stuff. Or, I might get a call back from someone who has a check for me to pick up, and I'll run out and get money.

And, knight's coming over on his way home from Rotary. Company is good.