July 25th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

I am *so* behind

Got a house guest. I shall blame him. :)

I was caught up with LJ on Wednesday before he arrived, so it's got to be his fault, right.

So, haven't read, but I shall write, briefly:

When last we left our intrepid housewife, she had successfully washed all the hand-wash dishes AND prepared an inspired casserole. I can call it inspired now, as Flar liked it, and I'm enjoying its leftover for dinner this week at work.

I bowled fantastically well. 181 and 17? 3, I think. :) Then I left without bowling the third game, in order to get to the airport in Louisville in time to pick up the boys. I was on-time, and so were they.

We stayed overnight with Wolf and Sydb. Before sleep, we played a game of The Works, time delimited. In a satisfyingly close finish, Wolf pulled out a win on the final turn.

I had hoped to be more help in the morning, but I *did* fix cheese eggs (and oatmeal for Tigger, the cheese-eggs chef who doesn't like them himself). We got to Krispy Kreme after the Hot sign was turned off, but the donuts were warm.

At home, I had enough time to eat lunch before Knight came to drive me to the eye doctor. Who did, in fact, dilate my eyes. And found out the problem was blepharitis. (Yes, I looked up the spelling.) It means inflammation of the eyelids. He recommended washing with J&J baby shampoo, sleeping with Refresh PM, and using Refresh Tears (eye lube) during the day. Then he wrote me out a new prescription for my glasses (declaring my contacts prescription to still be okay), and I plunked down a huge chunk of change on my credit card for a new set of glasses.

That includes the upcharge for progressive lenses.

Which means reading glasses built-in to the lenses in some fancy way.

I'm retiring my Power Rangers (tm) frames for a set of Harleys. J is a wonder. I'd been fiddling with looking at frames, and letting Dr. T reject the ones that looked wrong on my face. J walked back into the frames room, verified that I was looking for a pair with clipons, looked at my face, and then handed me a set of frames that fit exactly.

On the bright side, they're throwing in a pair of reading glasses (for use when I'm wearing my contacts) for free. And they're a very nice purple.

Another mad dash at home, to eat an early dinner before going to work.

I didn't take a dinner break, since I was leaving early to pick up Belmikey at the airport. I got there before he did - with enough time to change the batteries in my PDA (which was low long enough to lose track of time -- it thinks it's Tuesday), and then settle down for a read.

We sat in the jacuzzi before bedtime, and were in bed before bedtime. And got to sleep early enough that waking at 8am wasn't painful. Especially since we ended up lolling in bed for more than hour after that.

Got laundry started today, and fixed a casserole for tomorrow's dinner -- Tigger fixed tonight's dinner.

Work tonight was a new client, but egg-hunting, so tedious.

And now for bed.
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