July 16th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

minor bookmark

Caught up since last bookmark - but not before that, and I've given up hope on catching up all the way to last Friday....


Caught up to the last bit where I was caught up on "new" stuff, and I'm resigned to not having time to catch up on "old" stuff, which look to mean between Tuesday and Friday last week.

Next up, writing up what I can remember of an update.

Maybe after work tonight, or tomorrow.

Now it's time to hie myself to the bank and work and a quick run in to Kroger for Cheer-free. Quick run may happen before work if time allows, else after.

Did one load of laundry today. A s***load of writing, but not on LJ, and a couple of phone calls.

Cried a bit.




Also need to post about sheepover.

Need more hours in the day.