June 28th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow


My day:
  • read email & LJ
  • wrote LJ
  • made out a grocery list
  • a phone preempted shower
  • lunched with (two) local submissives
  • grocery shopping
  • Friends and Family program at Camp Invention
  • took Tigger home and changed for work.
  • work
  • picked up canuckgirl at the airport
  • talked with Flar and Canuckgirl; short bedtime phonecall with Wolf
  • caught up on LJ
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

A good deed

I almost forgot to post about Benjamin. He is an adorable, friendly, well-behaved Golden, of a very reddish hue, with a good amount of white about his face.

And, he was in the middle of the road tonight. I had just seen him when Canuckgirl warned me. We stopped well enough to avoid hitting him, and then drove on. Curls asked me about him, and I realized that I might know whose dog he was. So we went back. He was still hanging out in the middle of the road. When I stopped the minivan, he acted as if he expected a ride.

After much hmming and hawing and holding up traffic (three cars total, from both directions), I decided to pull on Carolyn, with the Golden following me. Then I called the neighbor that I thought might know about him. I'd thought really, that the dog belonged to this neighbor's daughter, but I can never remember her married name.

It turns out that Benjamin was spooked by firecrackers, just as he was being let out before bedtime. Neighbor had searched for him in the wrong direction, up the road. So I opened the side door, and Canuckgirl urged Benjamin into the van. (He didn't take a lot of convincing.) We returned him, safe and sound, and Benjamin was quite effusive in his thanks. :)

At home, Flar regaled us with stories of Dizzy getting loose tonight, and a skunk that is living in the storm drain through our across-the-street neighbor's driveway.
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