June 25th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

withdrawal - NOT!

Net access is down. Iglou is having trouble with their dial-up in Louisville, and it looks like their DNS servers are down, as well. I wish the techie had any information on the problem though - since there's a strike against All-Tel right now, it could be the DSL itself. mmm.

I could try seeing if I can access something i Know the IP for...

ohmigodiamsuch a geek.

And, it's Iglou, not Altel.

And, I can still get to LJ.

I'm so pathethic. ;)
bundled up, walkabout, snow

DNS is back

Flar came home. I told him the DNS are down at Iglou, and he said he'd just do non-net work.

So, minutes after he arrived, it's up again. And, if I hadn't been so many entries behind on reading my friends view (I caught up, on skip=75), I wouldn't even have been online when the outage occurred.

But it means I did a hurried skim, replacing "www.livejournal.com" with "" to make various links work, and didn't participate in polls or follow non-LJ links.

But, I'm back online and now must do non-net work, myself. Kitchen needs cleaning. Just got a priority interrupt request on that one. ;)

I think there's something screwed on the LJ Slut test, and the Deathday poll seems mordid. Especially since the few incidences of it that I read seemed bang-on for form of death. Can you actually die of Caffeine Overdose?

So, no quizzes from me this morning.

Just an update, to follow.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow


Since Monday afternoon, eh....

When I hopped out of the shower, I had two pages from Wolf: Sydb had sent email, and please call. So I did, as that was faster than reading email. Trip to Louisville was still on, with various schedule changes.

Picked up Tigger at camp. Packed car for overnighter. (Laptop, change of clothes, some stuff to leave in Louisville.) Went to work.

There's been a rape at UK, according to Opman, who wants us all to make an effort to leave at the same time at night. All being three of us on Monday. I'm not particularly concerned, since the office isn't that close to UK, but generally had been leaving at the same time as Details. It just seems a reasonable precaution late at night. I also always call or message someone, usually Wolf, when I'm driving home.

Details is on vacation this week. Braids was there, and Junior, both working prep. They got on a roll with some shared work right before 11:30, so we stayed a little later than usual, but we all left together. I turned out lights and checked that the door was latched -- the stuff Details usually does, when we walk out together.

Drive to Louisville was uneventful. Surprising - that I was getting real-time responses on text messaging from Wolf. I'd expected he'd be sleeping until my arrival.

He was awake when I got there. Waiting for me. Oh my.

Don't know how late it was when we went to bed. Maybe 2. He had to get up at 3:45am for an early morning at work. I had to get up with him, to move the carseat and stroller to my car. But I got to go back to bed and snuggle with Sydb. :)

Sybd had a Moms Club thingie Tuesday morning, and I drove her. She'd been very sweet, to get official okay for me to join an official Moms Club event, but I opted for staying in the car, in the shade, with the windows down, writing an update for my other journal, and reading Harry Potter. I really do appreciate the gesture, and am pleased that I would have been welcomed.

We went back to the house for lunch, hung out just a bit, then drove to Nicholasville, via Krispy Kreme and Wolf's office. He had a hard day at work yesterday, and wasn't able to join us nearly as early as he'd hoped.

At home, I fixed Baked Spaghetti Casserole for family dinner, scooping out noodles and sauce for Wolf, Sydb and me at the bowling alley. The casserole made leftovers for work for the rest of the week. Go me.

I'd forgotten my glasses, needed more slide, and unfortunately figured out how little sleep I'd had. Didn't bowl so great. But we tied the last game, netting half a point. Oh, and the computer was weird. Knight sat out the last game because of his ankle, and the computer reported his absent score as 32905. Go Knight!

Roo started fussing midway through the second game, Wolf and Sydb couldn't watch the rest of bowling. I got a really sweet goodbye kiss from Wolf before they left. mmmmm.

Delayed my bath last night long enough to skim email and write another post to my other journal, then had a short phone call with Hippychicx before hopping in the tub. Had time to shave and umm, with some soaking and reading in between. Not even time to do my nails. Going naked-shiney this week: it's quicker to just slap on another coat of clear whenever I notice chips.

Caught up on LJ this morning, surmounting the obstacle of a temporary DNS outage. Go me.

Gotta clean the kitchen now, then Knight's treating me to lunch, then taking me to a movie.
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