June 8th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

A very full, very intense weekend.

I have tons and tons to write about.

I work with a bunch of gun-handling women. I'd like to write about that.

I was possessed by 9 year old in CVS, when I was selecting nail polish, and then wore my Master's mother's dress to graduation. So, is the latter like channeling an older woman?

I have a Master who has decided to pay more attention to the G in lywynygypykyaaf. I want to write about how I feel about new rules and new attitudes. About rebellion and submission and increased awareness.

I need to write about Hippychicx.

I need to write intros for Master and i, on a Ds list we've just joined.

I need to write up a fantasy.

I need to write the remaining 4/5th of a writing assignment for which I was given a week's extension.

And, I'd like to write about the weekend in overview, separate from the Thoughtful Posts about Signigicant Events.

But now, I'm going to bed.
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