June 5th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

weird dreams

I dreamed a series of very short vignettes this morning, between the sounds of the snooze alarm. Staying in bed for my phone call with Wolf.

In one of my dreams, our kitchen had a different arrangement to it, and I remember very clearly, being quite pleased with the arrangement AND being aware that the sink was in a different location for the PWP.

In one of my dreams, I was being playful with someone - who the someone was, didn't actually show up in the dream, weird - and as we were merrily enjoying each other and ignoring responsibilities, Worf (yes, the one from Next Gen, etc.) had just finished folding my laundry.

In another, Knight was telling a few people (this was in the kitchen) about somebody who was being slotted for a military-political job, who was told in their interview that a certain block of stock would be a conflict of interest. So the guy sold it, and then the next day, bad news came out about the company and the stock plummetted.

And lastly, I remember very clearly writing in the condensation on a refrigerator shelf, and then thinking myself silly for assuming that Sydb would hear what I was saying. In that vignette, Sydb was deaf, so I was used to communicating with her via printed and written word, but she was in another room when I was writing. And apparently communicating telepathically, since what I was writing was in response to her thoughts.
bundled up, walkabout, snow


i can't even count as high as a Rabbit. ;)


my Master shows His love for me by listening to my fears and insecurities and telling me that He loves me.


my Masters shows His love for me by reminding me of it with a special string of letter. Lywynygypykyaaf. Sometimes He sends me notes with only this string in it.


my Master shows His love for me by reminding me, in my wanting and my needing, that He wants me. that He needs me.


my Master shows His love for me by promising to Keep me. Always and forever. my Master is my always and my life.


my Master shows His love for me by guiding and protecting me. He reminds me about the important stuff i need to remember, that's often lost in my mind when i focus on Him.

Like when to eat.


my Master shows His love for me by hurting me. Because i need the pain, and because he enjoys so much giving it to me. By not holding back sometimes. By being fierce and controlling me.


my Master shows His love for me by showing me parts of Him that He doesn't like. By sharing so fully, knowing that We have Always and Forever, and that i won't turn away from Him.


my Master shows His love for me by expecting more from me than i could ever dream possible, and sharing joy and encouragement when i achieve for Master.


my Master constantly shows His love for me by standing by when i fall short of a goal, and picking me up and still wanting me, still loving me.
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