June 4th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow


I'm caught up on reading LJ. I'll get caught up on writing. As I have a grand total of 2 minutes before bed-time.


Master held my hand, listened to the after-care instructions, and paid for me to be marked, permanently, as his.

When i go to sleep at night, i can tug at my rings, to be reminded that i am owned, that i belong.

i am Master's, to do as He wills.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

That was just weird.

I've spent the day in avoidance again. I was supposed to be paying bills. But I think my concentration server was offline.

But I did accomplish one thing. We've got one credit card that isn't automatically paid each month. That card was in fact, currently in default because I forgot to make a payment. So I decided to get online to pay it, and also set up some sort of automagic payment to prevent recurrences. My inspiration was the water bill finally activating auto-pay.

So I got online and tried to setup an account for this card. Entered all my info. No dice -- unable to verify this card exists. Entered all Flar's info, instead. Still no dice. So I called the company.

I was first presented with the opportunity to make a payment over the phone, so I did. Tomorrow the card will magically work again. Then I pressed the appropriate key to request customer service and waited on hold less than the predicted 5 minutes. I so appreciate it when the estimates are conservative on hold time.

The weird part is that our account had the wrong social security number attached to it. She didn't give out the *real* number, but did allow that it looked to be Flar's, with a couple of transposed digits. She corrected the number, which will spit out paperwork, that Flar has to sign and return. My name is on the account too, but he's the primary card holder.

So, if I remember in a couple of weeks, I can setup an online account, and then set some sort of automagic payment. I also need to remember to add more payments to the MBNA cards, which have to be defined individually, rather than as ongoing payments which repeat monthly.

Now it's time for shower and work. There's leftover King Ranch Chicken for dinner this week, and I like the current mix of music in my player enough that I don't feel the need to mess with it today.

And ....

Tomorrow is Critter's last day at school. Whee!!!!
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