May 30th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

my day

I did the whole list, except for carline, which we'd already arranged for Flar to handle (and I forgot, while I was writing the list), and the dollar store. I'll do that one tomorrow. On the way home from Spring fling.

Work was slow tonight. Filling in names in files that have already been indexed, because the "account numbers" they told us to use for indexing don't match the db they supplied for merging. Which means indexing files that don't have the information on the breaksheet. Which means looking through the scans for the names, and occasionally having to read handwriting. Medical handwriting. Bleh.

Weird name of the night has escaped me. Oh well.

I made brownies to bring to work tonight. We are "intentionally friendly" in contrast to the girls who trained on prep in the hall, and still don't talk to us, even though they work in Ops now. Sigh. Bossman showed up tonight. No comment on the gatorade and water bottles in Ops, or the chocolate orange on my desk. Oops. Moved V's monitor to a more comfortable position for indexing. Spikey gets to move it back for scanning tomorrow.

Flar and the boys ate more brownies at home than we did at work. If day shift doesn't clean us out tomorrow, I'll label them to be shared on Monday. :)

Spring Sing tomorrow, so no email or lj in the morning. Thus the late entry. I'm caught up, going into the day.

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bundled up, walkabout, snow

oops ... whew

Last night I stayed up late catching up on email and lj, because I thought the Spring Sing was today. It was last week. I apologized to Tigger for missing it, and he forgave me. Then I went back to bed.

Sleepy happy self-loving with my wife as inspiration. Then a nifty phone call with Master. That made me sleepy, so I did.

I was awakened by Groomer. I'd totally forgotten that today was the day I made an appointment for all the dogs to be groomed and vaccinated. I told her I could be there in 20 minutes, and I left the vet 18 minutes later. whew.

Now I get to spend the morning deciding how to spend the money that came in yesterday, and the money that we'll be getting next week.
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