May 23rd, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Today (technically, yesterday)

Knight came over in the morning, and we went on the pre-party supply run together. Before we left the house, I:
  • made an RJ-45 patch cable for Bébé (stripped for my father-in-law)
  • caught up on LJ
  • responded to a bunch of PWP email
  • made a CD with the PWP logo on it for Kittybane to use to print name tags -- I made HUGE files, because my Mac software can't export into a format that her Windows software can read that preserves vectors. Rasterizing circles seems to work better at higher resolutions.
  • put together a bag of name tags supplies for Kittybane
  • Just remembered we've totally blown off making tattoos... will talk to Kittybane in the morning...
  • finished the supply lists
We finally left the house at 11am. Our errands included:
  • Deposit a check at the bank
  • Drop off some mail
  • Drop off the name tag stuff and pick up a crock pot and a wok
  • Sam's Club: paper goods, water, green tea & beer, plus a few odds and ends
  • Oriental grocery: chili peppers and soysauce
  • Wal-Mart: a watch for Critter and a new fire extingusher
  • Kroger: various sodas, and the supplies for Peanut Stew

We got home in time to haul everything in from the car, and for me to do some odds and ends before leaving to get the boys.

Including ripping HMS Pinafore. I don't think this is our CD. I think it was brought to a PWP and left behind, because I didn't know we had it. For work tonight, I prepared HMS Pinafore with a side of Gershwin and a chaser of Eartha Kitt. And then at work, we ended up talking so much while we were working, that I didn't listen to most of it. I'll listen to it while I'm cleaning, tomorrow.

Work was easy tonight. Indexing account numbers that were printed. Woo hoo! I hear these were easy to prep, too. No breaksheets needed...

Okay, so maybe this job does have jargon. But very little of it.

RSVPs to the PWP jumped from 39 to 46. I was prepared for 6 out of the 7, and pleased by all, so not really a problem.

My goal this year is low-stress party.

Which means I should be in bed now.

Except I forgot the little mini-rant that goes at the bottom of this entry, to state my annoyance with my body. Since I went off the pill, I've gone from starting on Tuesday to starting on Sunday, sometimes Saturday. I started last night, which is a full 7 days early. Grr. On the bright side, the emotional turmoil thing tends to settle down after I actually start, so I should be in better shape for the party, right?

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