May 20th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow


I don't work today. Tonight is the first night of Non-Burley bowling. Whee!

I entered/verified all the direct-pay information in Quicken and balanced a bunch of registers. I haven't looked at the bottom line, cause I don't want to see it. The Really Big Bills are in Flar's hands right now: tuition, mortgage and equity line.

I took a break from Quicken to pop mail and surf LJ. Quizilla is busy, or I'd take the LotR quiz that's going around. Considering my waistline, I'd expect to be a Hobbit.

Gotta dig out the PWP box and count leis so I can take M_J up on his generous offer to procure more. Gotta check the t-shirt supplies so I can get them to Ro for her to create another master-piece design. Gotta remember to vote.

The kitchen is almost clean. There's a box-o-Deb clutter, that will be moved during the party, and which I swear I'll open and start emptying, after the party. There's a pile of bills to post. Still on the Things To Do list. There's a small pile of stuff to put elsewhere. And the rest is for the boys and Flar to handle, mwah ha ha!

The countertops are clean, with a pile of clutter at one end. There is currently one babytoy in the hand-wash tub, and dry hand-wash to put away. I can fob off that task to Critter.

Deciding whether to dive back into bills or start in on the jacuzzi room....

I know which is more appealing.

Gonna eat first, though.
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