May 18th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

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Okay. Got the PWP database fixed up, and even got Turnip to fix the bug in following links on the individual reports. Flar's going to take a look at it tomorrow and start thinking about food.

Played two rounds of Scrabble with Ro at the hospital. Lost both. But I got to go out on the first one, by playing SOB on a triple word square. And I was only 20 points behind in the second game.

I took the boys to see Piglet's Big Movie tonight, while Flar watched Old School. Flar made yummy stir fry for dinner, that yielded one serving of leftovers. The movie was reward for the boys cleaning the playroom.

I'm committed to cleaning all the bathrooms this week, and stocking them with TP, kleenex and cups. That's on top of the normal bills, laundry and kitchen duties.

Tonight I'm washing the accumulated hand-wash dishes from the week, and wiping down the counter. The kitchen table will fully occupy me tomorrow.

My iRock has much of two Billy Joel albums, an Eartha Kitt album, and one CSNY piece on it. Tuesday during the day, I'll pick three different albums with which to fill it, since I can probably only listen to the random mix one full night of work before wanting a change. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long to load the music. My next wish list item is 128M Smart Media Cards, so that I can load everything up in some sort of organized fashion and just swap cards in and out.

I'd rather sleep, but I don't wanna face these dishes tomorrow.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

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