May 15th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Would you believe?

I'm not planning on starting up this computer in the morning, and I was already up late. This way I can concentrate on dressing, grabbing stuff, and leaving on time.

Working backwards:

Caught up on LJ and Email.

Finished Rookettes Stuff:
  • Balanced the checkbook
  • Finalized the Prize distribution spreadsheet
  • Made out the Financial Statement
  • Updated the Prize distribution cash worksheet
  • Made out an agenda for tomorrow's meeting
  • Stole ink from Flar's printer after Kittybane drove all the way out with ink that didn't fit my printer, but it was so sweet of her to drive her in the middle of the night
  • Made out a list of things to do in the morning:
    • Wal-Mart:
      • Return extra wading pool
      • Gift for exchange
      • Envelopes for prize money
      • New black ink cartridge
    • Kinko's
      • Copy financial statement
      • Copy prize fund distribtion
    • Collin's Bowling Center
      • Get Prez to countersign a check
      • Withdraw prize fund in correct change
      • Stuff prize envelopes
      • Bowl the rest of Funday
    • Deposit paycheck
    • Nap until time for shower (eat lunch in carline)

Worked. Got my first paycheck tonight, and found out what my payrate is actually going to be: $8/hr. About right for the kind of work, I suppose. Not great money, but it's part-time, and I can pretty much call my hours, as long as my work is acceptable. And hey, money coming in is better than not. Even small dribbles.

I think it was yesterday that my MP3 player arrived. They sent it Fedex, but charged for ground. Sweet. I won't get to install software and actually play with it until the weekend, though.

Friday, I shall crash and burn. Except when I'm at school for Writer's Guid, and when I'm working.

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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Mad rush

Bowling went great. Got everything done. There wasn't a gift exchange (my bad), but I was pleased to be able to give the gift I bought to Prez, as she's been a working-mom shoulder to cry on lately.

I'm almost done with Rookettes stuff. Still need to run awards checks, and mail in stuff to the local association secretary.

I bowled a 207 in no-tap. Yay! I always bowl better when I stay up til 3; it doesn't hurt to have the help from no-taps, either. ;)

Got upset at the gas station by a jerk, and Flar was all sympathetic and comforting. I'm not lazy, and Flar doesn't think so -- which was very affirming, actually.

But hell. I have the figure of a three month-pregnant woman. If I'd actually *been* pregnant, I would have flayed that man verbally, I swear. Old nasty asshole.

nuff said

gotta run
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