May 13th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Bills, ick

Another stopping point. It's just as well that I don't have the time to sit down and finish up the bills-process in one sitting. I can't do it without some mental health breaks in between.

Yesterday, I got the checkbook balance updated. Today, I opened all the bills-mail, trashing the inserts and envelopes, and putting aside the privacy statements and changes in terms to file. In the process, I sorted the bills into auto-pay and not. Tomorrow morning, while laundry is running in the background, I'll finished the process of updating the balance, by verifying the amounts of all the autopays. Next in the process is entering all the other bills.

Now I can turn to nice homey stuff like grocery shopping and other housewife errands.

I enjoyed work last night. There are only a few of us that work at night, all women until the guy they hired to be a supervisor starts on second shift. We listened to music on the boombox. I had gotten the CD player working, but it got turned on, and ran its batteries down before I got to work. Sigh. I think I've established my weirdness by supplying the Anna Russell Album to start the evening. After that, Bare Naked Ladies. I'll be listening on earbuds tonight, and I suspect the other women won't mind my keeping my music to myself. ;)

Indexing is easy. The night flew by, and I only ended up taking one food break. So the danger to my waistline from increased food consumption has dropped. I need to stay active during the day however, since the evening is all sitting. I'm definitely more awake during second shift hours -- I had no problems with sleepiness, even after my food break to eat yummy leftover mu shu pork.

Reading afterschool seems to be a successful plot. And I have enough time in the morning before I start working, to catch up on live journal and email. So, life is good.

Mind you, bills are scary. But hey, that's why I'm working, right?

Today's errands: dry cleaner, Wal-Mart, Sam's, Kroger, allergist. I had planned to leave at 10, but I was close enough to finishing the stage I was doing with the bills that I let it slip a litte. I should still have time to catch lunch and shower for work when I get home.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Cingular Rocks!

Have I mentioned lately how much I like my cellular phone provider?

I've been having problems with my phone battery lately. Figured it was a memory problem, started keeping the extra charged up and not swapping until the phone dies. Figured I'd reset the batteries. Nope. I lost the spare (the original battery, fortunately, as my other battery is a longer-capacity lithium ion) carrying it around to have it for changing out. Oops.

So today, I decided to stop by Cingular and price new batteries. Turns out the problem might be my phone, so he recommended I have the guys at the other office (the one with the service department) check it out. Cool. Then he lowered my bill by $3, changed my mobile-to-mobile minutes from 1000 to 5000, added rollover to my plan, and changed my 250 text messages to unlimited for the next three months. Keen.

I've had this phone since my birthday before last. But I've brought it in for problems off and on. So that must explain why, when I brought it by the service center, he swapped it out "under warranty" with a new phone for free. Score!

Eventually I'll replace the battery I lost, but it doesn't feel so urgent now.

While I was at Sam's, I figured out that if I bought milk there, I could delay the Kroger run until tomorrow. I've got all the ingredients for tonight's dinner in stock, and that'll give me time to sort coupons tonight on dinner break, to take advantage of triple coupons tomorrow.

So I've:
  • Fixed my phone battery problem
  • Gone to the allergist
  • Picked up dog food at Incredipet
  • Done the Sam's run

After I fix my lunch and dinner, I'll change for work (I wore jeans today because it's a nice mild 67°F), then if I have time I'll verify the stack of direct-pay statements in Quicken.
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