May 7th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

morning check-in

I had time to read my email this morning, but I won't get caught up on live journal until tonight.

Yesterday I:
  • Worked first shift. I'll be on first shift through all of this week, and probably some of next. Yesterday I spent on hour indexing, but it's not clear to me that I learned anything. I just sat down and did it, but I didn't learn how to start up the program, etc.
  • Went to Sam's Club
  • Went to the Non-Burley organizational meeting
  • Washed three loads of laundry
  • Dried two loads
  • Sorted and folded one load
  • Assembled two pans of enchiladas for dinner tonight & leftovers for work

Today I need to put together some stuff and get it to Prez for Rookettes, mail Mom her Mother's Day card, take Tigger to gymnastics, finish the laundry, wash dishes and work on the kitchen table.

Gotta pack my lunch.

See ya!
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

emotional state: subsiding

Tonight I fell apart a little bit. I'm calmer now. One of the stimuli was Too Much To Do and No Time To Do It IN. So of course, I'm calmer because I just spent an hour (hour & a half?) reading LJ.

Things I've done today:
  • Worked
  • Washed & dried the rest of the clothes -- now waiting to be sorted and folded and put away
  • Picked the boys up from school
  • Took Tigger to gymnastics
  • Bought a refill for my Ion pen
  • Found bungie watches at Office Max
  • Mailed a Mother's Day card to Mom
  • Picked up cumin and contact solution at Kroger
  • Took the boys home and had enchiladas for dinner
  • Printed out a couple of sheets for Prez to pass around at bowling tomorrow:
    1. Trophy or Cash selection sheet
    2. Fun Day attendance sheet
  • Started wigging out about time.
  • Got into a fight with Flar. Left to take stuff to Prez.
  • Cried
  • Read LJ, rebuilt walls

I have a plan.

Tonight: sleep.

  • work
  • call trophy shop on lunch, to verify hours and turnaround time for an order
  • give blood after work
  • pick up league packet at bowling alley
  • go home
  • figure out prize distribution & trophy order
  • pack for Louisville
  • wash dishes
  • clear mess off of kitchen table