May 4th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Still alive

But I pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth yesterday. I never felt like doing brainwork - which bills stuff is, and it's got priority right now - so I ended up just playing Scrabble and reading the day away. I did make grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, so that was something, I suppose.

I'm sleeping in the guest room right now, so Flar can toss and turn and move from bed to recliner a lot, trying to sleep with his bronchitis. Sitting up helps, but he doesn't sleep deeply that way. Yesterday morning, I slept in, then stayed in bed reading instead of getting up.

This morning, I got by by 10. I made pancakes for the boys, and cooked oatmeal for Flar. From plain oatmeal, not a packet. After that, I got the boys to help me decide on meals for the week, and then made a grocery list. Critter went with me to the grocery, and we stopped by Ro & Knight's on the way home. Ro made a beautiful Mother's Day card for me to send to my mom, with the butterfly that I made from beaded, counted cross-stitch.

Now the groceries are put away, and we're about to head out to watch X-2.

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
    Collapse )
  • Finish Laundry:
    • Put away towels
    • Fold and put away sheets
  • Planned menus and grocery list
  • Grocery shopping
  • See X-2
  • Clean Kitchen:
    • Clear & wipe down kitchen table
    • Wash more dishes
  • Update Quicken:
    • Sort mail
    • Enter checks & deposits
    • Enter receipts
    • Post bills
    • Check with Matt about bills coming due
    • Print checks
  • Print Spring Break pictures
  • Set Clocks
  • PWP:
    • Update some of the addresses in the PWP mailing lists
    • Publicize invitation
  • Current Mood
bundled up, walkabout, snow


I ought to.

I ought to write out next week's list.
I ought to finish up the billing, or pick at least three smaller items on this week's list to clear.
I ought to finish cleaning the kitchen table.

I ought to.

I'm going to bed so I'll get enough sleep before I my first day on the new job.

Tomorrow, in short:
  • Drive the kids to school -- Flar is still recovering from walking pneumonia
  • Work from 8:30 to 5
  • Debrief at home

Since I'm talking to Opman tomorrow about details like working hours, pay scale & billing through Woodstream, I won't really know what the rest of the week is looking like, until tomorrow night.

Patience is not my best feature.