April 27th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Going to bed now

Lazy day.

With a steadily decreasing crop of kids, we played Robo Rally in the morning and Life in the afternoon, with a break for Star Trek: Next Gen in the middle. We're down to T, who's spending tonight with Tigger. I spent the evening playing Scrabble with strangers, which was weird. Most of the people were nice. A couple had to leave abruptly, and one was just rude, in terms of comments.

I made a brief comment about not being able to find a home for a Bingo. Then got not one, but two sarcastically couched no sympathy replies. Now, I don't mind a little friendly ribbing, but there was no smiley, and as the person was ahead, it just came off as petty. I mentioned that there was no need for excessive sarcasm and was told I should try getting a sense of humor.

Maybe I'll stick with playing friends.

But I might be making a friend in Scrabble, if I see one of the players there again. I added her to my buddies list, so we'll see.

I have a new reader on LJ. He commented on one of my posts, which brought him to attention on my "friends of" list, so I've added him to my friends list. Welcome sensualedge! I don't recognize the moniker, and don't recall knowing someone from Rhode Island. If you'd like to tell me how you found my journal, I'd be interested.

That's about it. Tomorrow I have to tackle the kitchen. It's a disaster zone.

g'night all
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Pedometer Stuff

Yesterday, I couldn't wear the pedometer until I got dressed, as there was no appropriate clippy place on my pjs. And I stayed in PJs for a good part of the day.

I logged 1395 steps in the time I was wearing it.

By comparison, today I've already logged 1741 steps. That's equivalent to .69 miles. I've washed all the plastic containers and much of the other hand wash, although there's a bunch left. That was after I wiped down the kitchen counters, and rinsed a sink full of recycling.

Grace came over to get T, and we worked on banquet stuff. She sorted the doorprizes into ladies, mens and anybodies, then I wrapped them. Meanwhile, she stuffed all the goody bags with the freebies that B. had acquired, and candy that I provided. Knight is bringing over lapel pins from the Raddisson to add to them. Grace put numbered stickers on each of the bags, so we could use them to determine who wins the doorprizes in the drawing on Tuesday. I need to print out numbers on slips of cardstock to use for the drawing. We'll pull out whichever numbers belong to league members who aren't there on Tuesday.

Now we're about to go to see Bullet Proof Monk with Knight and Ro.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

A moderately active Sunday

I finally tackled the kitchen this morning. There's more left to do, but that'll be where I start tomorrow. It's gotten to the point that I need to clean to reorganize my thoughts.

I took 2935 steps today, equivalent to 1.16 miles. A moderately active day for a Sunday. It'll be interesting to see whether I have an active day tomorrow, finishing the kitchen cleaning and laundry, or a sedate day, doing the books.

Bulletproof Monk was quite funny; I really enjoyed it. I stand by my theory that martial arts movies are this generation's ballet. ;)

Tigger gave us a scare this morning. He woke up early in the morning (around 4:30 or 5:30) with an ear ache. I gave him children's tylenol and suggested that he take his Claritin and his Flonase. That helped a little, but the pain seemed worse by 9:30. I gave him more tylenol, and Flar suggests that he use a warm wash cloth against the outside of his ear. Flar went out to get decongestant to add to the pain relievers and antihistamines we were already trying. While he was gone, Tigger started really complaining about the pain, and then rather suddenly, his earache went away.

And it hasn't come back.

Tigger's going to school tomorrow, but we're keeping close tabs on how he's feeling.

Of course, my ears hurt. Sympathy pains. Kind of like the hay-related skin irritation getting all itchy and suspicious when Critter had Impetigo. My body works that way.

I've started working on the PWP invitation, with less than a month before Memorial Day weekend ahead of me. I'm thinking of the party as PWP-Lite this year, because we don't have the extra money to spend on silly party stuff. But I think I've got a game plan for (a) being cautious about spending and (b) keeping the stress levels to a minimum.

That is, aside from the stress of not getting info about the PWP out to people before now. Sigh.

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