April 15th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

down day

last night, i let it get to me again. Flar tried to get it out of me, but how do you explain when you're sad, and it seems like it's the whole world, and nothing by itself is enough to explain?

cried myself to sleep. woke up unhappy, with a sinus headache. bonus. it went away without meds, which is good. remembered to take Alavert this morning. Sure that helped.

Knightaudit is great for being down. He expresses sympathy, but he doesn't ask me to explain. And he lets me cry. And he talks about stuff that might cheer me up. And changes subjects if one doesn't work.

So, the day got better. Still down, but not as far.

Got the groceries done, but taxes are a hard deadline, so I gotta get more info for Flar before going on to other stuff, after dinner.

The list:

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  • Tuesday Tigers
  • Allergist
  • Post Office: mailed Agtiger his book
  • Took a picture of Tigger by school for Writer's Guild
  • Planned menus and grocery list
  • Bank
  • Grocery shopping
  • Print more info from Quicken for Flar
  • Update Quicken:
    • Enter checks & deposits
    • Enter receipts
    • Post bills
    • Check with Flar about bills coming due
    • Print checks
  • Start Laundry:
    • Strip the bed
    • Sort dirty clothes
    • Feed the machines
    • Clear & wipe down jacuzzi top
    • Make the bed
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