April 12th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

I am hostess, hear me peep

I got home from my Spring Break road trip at 9pm. Silvertiger showed up at 9:45pm with his latest SO. They've come to Kentucky to see Thunder.

They're asleep in the Lincoln room now, and I'm getting up at 6am to join them, with the boys in tow. I've never done Thunder, so what the heck.

Traffic I don't mind. Crowds will be entertaining. We'll bring books and sunblock (and my trusty mesh jacket -- 4 days in Orlando with nary a blister) and bag chairs, and trust to the vendors for the rest.

But it shall be quite hard to be so very close to Master without seeing him.

Thus, the driveby after Thunder is over. If at all possible.

I am such a goof.
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