April 6th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Spring Break: Day Two

Note to self: next time write the live journal entry first. Downloading the graphics for my daily comics ought to keep the connection alive while I write, though.

The second day of the drive was uneventful, until the end game. I woke up before 8, and then slept some more, because I figured if I could, then I wasn't awake enough to drive. ;) Eventually decided to shower and wake up. Then logged in while the boys showered. We all worked on packing up the car again and then I went to check out.

On check-out, I discovered charges for my phone calls. What? I'd been calling a local Macon number. The woman at the desk couldn't do anything about it, but gave me the business card for the manager, who would be in tomorrow at 8. I called the credit card company, and they said the charge is still temporary, so work it out with the retailer first.

Ah, there's a comic now. Sunday comics take a while to load.

After I thought about it a bit, I decided I should check my computer before I pursued the dispute, and sure enough, I'd screwed up the FreePPP menus. I created the "account" with the Macon number, but I didn't selected the new account. Ew. I'll call the manager tomorrow anyway, to tell her I found out it was my mistake. (I wrote a note on my checkout papers to say that I protested the phone charges, you see.)


We stopped before Valdosta for a restroom stop. Then we decided to drive all the way to Lake City for gas and lunch. We also picked up some discount coupons while we were there. It was obviously a sales-pitch, but since I was married, but traveling without my husband, they didn't try to pitch me.

Oops, comics are done. Weather ought to keep it busy.

We left I-75 for the Florida turnpike on schedule. Then, right before our exit from the turnpike, Tigger announced he needed to pee, I saw the exit, but only computed the "no south bound re-entry" part - which meant no a potty stop - without realizing it was our exit. It didn't help that I had just asked Critter for a drink and the cooler was out of water.

Critter announced it was our exit, right after we passed it. So we figured on using a different approach to Orlando, which was totally okay, except we didn't have enough time left of the turnpike to pin down the optimum alternative route.

We ended up taking 545, which is west of Orlando-Kissimee-Lake Buena Vista-the whole schmeer, and meanders through rural Florida country. I debated turning around a gazillion times, but we were heading south, and that was generally a desirable heading. We eventually ran into 192 and turned right to immediately find a 7-11. Tigger got to pee, I got to take another look at the map, and found us. On the state map, not the Orlando and vicinity map.

We got turned around once more, after getting to I-4, and then exiting it at the corrent spot, but then going straight where we should have turned left. I think practically every road in the area eventually runs into International Drive, and it took us back around to where we needed to be.

We got to Cypress Pointe Resort, called Daddy to find out where exactly our room was, and then his directions got us turned around too. ;)

After we unloaded the car, Daddy took the boys to the pool, and Mom kept me company while I finished unpacking. I called the front desk to find out about local phone calls (flat .50 a call to anywhere in 407), and then looked up the Earthlink numbers to use later.

When the boys got back from the pool, we went out to Sizzler, to use one of the discount coupons we'd gotten (10% off the whole check). Daddy drove, I navigated, and we only had to backtrack twice, within an area the size of the Hamburg Place shopping center. Today was not a day for navigators. Tomorrow will be a better day. :)

After dinner, Daddy and Critter hooked up the DVD player to the 42" big screen TV, while Mom and Tigger and I went to the resort gift and grocery. We got breakfast supplies, postcards and souvenirs. Tomorrow, Mom and Dad are going to an early morning sales presentation, in order to come back with free adult tickets to Univeral Islands of Adventure. We'll stay home and eat cereal.

When Mom and Tigger and I got back from the shop, we all sat down and watched Jonah: a Veggie Tales Movie. I got out my cross-stitch to work on during the movie. I'm glad I brought a small project. I'll probably be able to finish it on vacation, and that'll be neat.

Everyone crashed after the movie, but I'm still awake enough to post, so I am.

I like being on vacation, but I miss being able to talk to Wolf frequently during the day, and I miss my own bed. This bed is a strange combination of hard mattress and bouncy box spring. I'm used to a tired old mattress on a platform bed. Surprisingly, I don't miss high speed access, but I *do* miss wireless networking. ;)

The List, final for the week:

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  • Drive to Macon
  • Drive to Orlando
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

New List

It's easy to make a list for vacation:

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
  • Sleep in
  • Breakfast in room
  • Swim
  • Laze about
  • 7:30 Dinner at Medieval Times
  • Breakfast at "Hop on Pop"
  • Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure
  • Laze about
  • Pack to go home
  • Drive to Macon
  • Drive home
  • Unpack
  • Current Mood