March 4th, 2003

bundled up, walkabout, snow

List for the week

"New Today" items in blue.
"Lost Causes" in red.
  • clear kitchen counters and sinks
  • wash dishes
  • clear kitchen table
  • clip, sort & cull coupons
  • open mail
  • post bills
  • make phone calls
  • print checks
  • fold clean laundry from last week
  • start this week's laundry
  • clean the master bathroom
  • plan menus and grocery list
  • Print documentation & shipping labels for Biker Boyz auction items
  • Sam's shopping
  • mail Biker Boyz auction items
  • grocery shopping
  • reorganize bowling records
  • update chess database
  • plan for Tigger's birthday party
  • work more on Erosul site

So, I really liked starting the week with a list, and updating the entry as I went along. I felt productive and got to talk about it and look at it. And then live journal started acting up on me, and I remember editing an entry after 5:43pm yesterday, but it never showed up. Sigh. Maybe I never clicked on "edit entry" after all? Maybe it just got ignored.

Even though I still have bills to deal with, at least they aren't cluttering up space, being filed neatly away in a folder. I didn't get back to them last night after dinner, because I was getting together the various things to print to send with the Biker Boyz stuff. I think it took at least 10 minutes to transfer the print documents over to the computer with the printer. And cause I got really sleepy.

Today I'm slightly frustrated, because I have everything ready to mail to one of the auction winners, except for one vest which Flar loaned to friends who were at a leather event this weekend. Ro (who ran the auction) said it would be okay, but the buyer has paid for his auction, and here I am, waiting for Flar to track down the vest so I can mail it. simmer simmer

Knight drove to bowling this morning, after waiting for me to put together the printouts. I bowled great, over my average for two games in a row, then just under my average, and we won all four points: the last two games by the last frame. He drove me on my errands for the day and treated me to lunch at Popeye's. But we didn't have time to get groceries and unload them before picking up the boys, so he dropped me off at home, and I got a short break.

Now it's time to head out to carline, with a detour past the cleaners and the grocery on the way home. And woo hoo! a stop on the way, to deposit a check. (But not the one I've been waiting on since November.)

The trip will go a little faster with Critter operating his calculator independently, and the boys will be along to remember anything we've left off the list. Which means I need to bring in the coupon envelope, rather than just the ones I already know I'll be using. ;)

Dinner tonight: King Ranch Chicken. I've got the chicken thawing in the microwave (to best keep it away from Flood, who is currently inside), and that should help make up for getting home a little later.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Pancake Day

According to canuckgirl, today is pancake day. Since I didn't (a) find out this morning or (b) have time to make breakfast, I made pancakes for dinner.

Tigger chose plain, with hard salami to the side.
Flar chose hard salami with sautéd mushrooms and swiss cheese.
Critter chose plain, topped with ham, turned, topped with velveeta.
I tried ham with sautéd mushrooms and swiss cheese.
Collapse )

Middling success with savory pancakes. Critter liked his. Flar suggested we not try again. Maybe next time I'll make crêpes and fill them with dinner-y thingies.

For some reason, the griddle was too hot for the banana pancakes by the time I got to making dessert. I hope the regulator (or whatever controls the temperature in an electric jenn-air) isn't going out...

And now, to make tomorrow's dinner tonight, with the already thawed chicken...
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

A plan is forming

Tigger wants a tree house for his birthday. He and Flar sat down for their first brainstorm about it tonight. By the end of the session, they'd sketched out a wolf-head shape, anchored in three trees. (Flar sketched out the general plan; Tigger said it looked like a wolf. Plans progressed from there.)

The first weekend of construction will be Mar. 29th & 30th. It *might* be finished by the Not-A-Tournament (a month later), but should definitely be complete before the PWP (two months later).
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

King Ranch Chicken

Argh. This time, the recipe card went wandering before I could transcribe it anywhere. I just search two hard-drives, and I've not set the recipe down electronically in the past three years. Some of the files I searched are actually older than the G4, so it's possible that I've effectively search back to 1995. Sigh.

So, this is my recollection of the recipe, which I'll update, should the card turn up.
  • 6-8 boneless Chicken breasts, cooked and torn into strips
    I measured out 2 pounds of thighs and chicken tenderloins tonight; it seems like the right volume

  • 2 cans condensed cream of chicken soup

  • 2 cans condensed cream of mushroom soup

  • 1 can Rotel tomatoes I use original diced

  • frozen diced white onions

  • cheddar cheese

  • corn tortillas, torn into strips
    I usually use tortilla chip "dust" - the saved up dregs from bags; tonight I'm using Baked Tostitos

  • sour cream

Assemble all the ingredients into a large pan: 13x9" casserole is a tad small - I have a flat roaster that's just enough bigger to fit the bill. The woman who gave me the recipe made it in a deep casserole, like a 2 quart round, but I find that harder to serve out of. Build the casseroles in layers, like lasagne: corn tortillas, onions, chicken, cheese, sauce, repeat. On the top layer of sauce, dollop spoonfuls of sour cream. Cover loosely with foil, then bake.

I'm guessing at the temperature, and I'm not actually baking this one until tomorrow night, since it's best baked before serving. I'll be trying an hour at 325°F.
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